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A 9 year survey of literature in training published by Fletcher and Tobias in ‘Training and Retraining’, commissioned by the American Psychological Society, and published in 2000, concluded that: ‘Learners learn more using computer-based instruction than they do with conventional ways of teaching, as measured by higher post-treatment test scores.’

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Advantages of e-Learning

e-Learning has several advantages both for the students and the community at large. Not only are the advantages pedagogical but also sensible from a time and cost perspective. At James Lind Institute, we have entirely identified and assessed the benefits of e-learning for future industry professionals thus equipping them with the right knowledge for sure success.

We have conquered all obstacles that can come up for students to recognize their abilities and potential. Our guidance allows students to comprehend their career objectives and accomplish them with goal oriented learning from all facets of the enterprise. Our training programs are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and students can study from any location at any time, making studying as convenient and flexible as possible.

Students get the chance of going through Audio/Visual lectures, videos, interactive documents, supplemental study material, completing projects and assignments with online exams as many times as they wish during the program to acquire optimum understanding of all topics. This is substantiated by quick feedback from experienced faculty members. This type of personalized training methodology removes the limitations of distractions, skipped classes, weariness and sometimes intolerable boredom seen in typical classrooms.

In addition to the main learning objectives, our e-campus makes students familiar with the technologies of the world-wide-web, interpersonal skills and culture which are important and expected of professionals employed in the drug development and the healthcare industry in general.

In an e-learning setting, a student gets a lot more time to grasp a new concept due to flexible delivery and user-friendliness of the online training material. Online discussions in the e-campus are highly efficient to boost student-student interaction for effective knowledge sharing thus bringing about superior educational benefits.

Participant Feedback

"I'm delighted to receive the soft copy of my certificate and would want to thank management of James Lind Institute for the wisdom and patience during my learning. I enjoyed every moment of my learning at the institution."
Jones M.
Medical Writer

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