Numerous studies have proven that distance learners perform as well or better than their on-campus counterparts.


At JLI we believe in keeping things simple yet modern and effective. This has led us to create for you a cutting edge e-Campus that allows you to study anywhere at anytime in an engaging learning environment. After enrolling for a program, you have access to the online campus tutoring center (OCTC) that connects you with tutors, guest faculty and fellow students.

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How Will I Study Online?


At JLI, we have developed a remarkably ideal setting for knowledge sharing and training via our user friendly, technologically advanced e-campus. The conventional way of studying in a physical campus and classroom is not often the most successful or efficient way of studying. Comprehensive online training programs in domains such as clinical research, pharmacovigilance, medical writing, regulatory affairs, pharmaceutical medicine, healthcare management etc are an excellent substitute to standard classroom programs.

Classroom Activities

At JLI, a personalized approach to training by our knowledgeable faculty from the industry has led to the development of comprehensive training programs that are industry specific and recommended by experts. Our quest of the best coupled with a technology savvy mind-set has led us to the creation of an Online Campus Tutoring Centre (OCTC) by means of which students share information and interact in discussions with faculty, tutors and fellow students. As a student you will be frequently engaged in career-focused exercises at JLI and enjoy customized career support from committed mentors, tutors and our valued ‘Student Success Team’.
All training material and projects are posted online in the e-Campus. You will need to invest time in watching audio/visual presentations, reading training material, taking part in online journal clubs conducted at JLI and the OCTC, working on projects and taking tests.

Program Requirements

Even though classes are not conducted at any particular time, you will be expected to ‘attend’ your program by accessing the e-Campus multiple times a week. You are also expected to stick to any project submission deadlines, get involved actively in online discussions and take online tests regularly. All tests follow a multiple choice question pattern and are taken online within the e-Campus after studying each lesson.

Mock Drills

Theoretical understanding alone may not be sufficient in all topics, more so when you are getting prepared to exhibit brilliance in your professional career from day one. We at JLI recognize this, which is why for some programs we deliver useful hands-on training in important topics that you can utilize very often on your jobs. Mock drills are a type of role play where you are presented with various scenarios for practical application. These useful exercises are carried out and supervised by the mentor or tutor and are a prominent characteristic that lend an extra dimension to our online training programs.

Tutoring Opportunities

Mock exercises are not the only differentiating attribute of JLI's online training programs. JLI also offers unique tutoring opportunities to interested well performing students who are identified during the training program. This distinctive ‘learning by teaching’ method enables invited and interested students to tutor junior students for a specific time frame. 'Student Tutors' are recognized and certified by JLI for this activity in addition to their program certificate.

Freelancing Opportunities

In line with our commitment towards successful careers of our students, upon completion of some online programs JLI provides guaranteed freelancing opportunities to you to help you gain some industry experience and get started in your career. This is in addition to the placement support provided to you by the Student Success Team. As of now guaranteed freelancing opportunities are available for online medical writing programs only.

JLI e-Learning

Training methodology adopted by JLI is in accordance with the “Conversational Model of Laurillard” and follows its unique criteria of adaptability, interactive discussions and multi-directional reflection of students performance.

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