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Quality Assurance in Public Health

Quality Assurance In Public Health

Quality assurance has evolved to define quality by understanding the core activities for effective healthcare, setting benchmarks, designing surveys, performing audits and conducting analysis or supervision visits in private companies or hospitals, government organisations and public health facilities.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance involves detection and prevention of manufacturing defects in products and delivery of effective solutions or services to customers. Quality management is focused on providing confidence and maintenance of desired quality of product or services by means of checking every stage of production and delivery. Quality assurance encompasses the processes and procedures that systematically monitor different aspects of the products or services provided at the facility. Quality assurance plays a vitalrolein ensuring the quality and acceptability of products or services by planning, directing, coordinating or formulatingqualitycontrol programs and policies. This improves efficiency and profitability of an organization by reducing waste.

The Quality Assurance framework includes determination of adequate technical input and output requirements; certification and rating of suppliers; testing of procured material; conformance of established quality, safety, performance and reliability standards; proper storage and issue of materials; quality audit of processes and products; evaluation for establishing corrective response; audit of the final output for technical, reliability, maintainability and performance conformance. Detection and correction of variances or problems through audits are established within standard requirements.

Impact on Public health

Quality assurance systems are commonplace among hospitals, public health agencies, healthcare companies and organisations. This system is developed and implemented with a comprehensive quality assurance framework for public health programs and facilities by defining standards for patient care and service delivery along with continuous assessment and improving quality in compliance with set standards. Role of quality assurance in public health involves managing policy or decision-making and health promotion inputs; evaluation and assessment of research and delivery of childcare and other healthcare services; fostering multi-faceted collaboration in environmental health services; lead responsibility in development and screening services; training and staff development in public health medicine and communicable diseases.Enumeration and avoidance of discrepancies to meet the needs of every department related to delivery of public health services is possible by quality assurance. Characterizing subsequent changes inserted into the system ensure compliance with the mission and service delivery in public health setting.

Quality improvement in public health involves defined and deliberate improvement processes focused on community responsive and population health development activities. It is an ongoing and continuous effort to ensure measurable improvements in effectiveness, efficiency, performance, accountability and other indicators of quality in products, services or processes to achieve improvement in equity and health of the community. These improvements in turn are useful to improve effectiveness, efficiency and performance of professionals and team members in organizations. Quality improvement tools, resources and services solve the existing and emerging public health issues by providing technical assistance to coach public health professionals to learn and use quality improvement techniques. Quality improvement in public health can also help in more effective use of resources that improve service delivery, customer satisfaction and meet national public health standards.

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