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Public Health Professional Salary In Nigeria

Public Health Professional Salary In Nigeria

Individuals with basic knowledge, skills and training in public health are capable of acquiring highly paid jobs in government or non government, community based organizations or agencies and academic or research institutes in Nigeria.

Public health professionals

Career in public health involves highest paying jobs wherein the experts face a lot of risks and are rewarded with a handsome paycheck. Public health job in government, international institution, development body or community based organizations offer unique opportunity to save lives and serve the population of Nigeria. The difference in financial strength and budgets is responsible for varying salary scales of the employees. The type of public health challenges or issues predominant in the area determines the type of job available. The salary of public health employees is affected by the power of demand and supply; number of skilled public health personnel in the area; previous experience and educational qualifications of aspirants.

The shortage of public health personnel in Nigeria affects the salaries and compensation provided by the employer. Though public health sector is dynamic and growing, insufficient training programs has caused global shortage of public health educator, nurses or physician; biostatistician, epidemiologist and health behaviour experts. There are limited health workers trained and schooled for the role of health protection and promotion. Previously employed professionals in reputed institutes, organisations or agencies are offered higher salary due to their experience and exposure to a wide range of challenges. Acquiring additional skills and knowledge, publishing papers and other professional accomplishment such as obtaining fellowship or awards can boost an individuals career in public health. Research, expertise in different disciplines and technological knowledge are highly valued in public health sector.

At entry level, public health professionals earn between100,000350, 000Nper month depending on the organisation along with skills, experience and educational qualification of the job seeker. A biostatistician is paid more than 119,000N for collection, analysis, interpretation and reporting of public health data. The discipline of biostatistics is important for data analysis in the area of disease surveillance and control. Average salary of epidemiologist in Nigeria ranges between 250,000-650,000N per month to study outbreak patterns of disease prevention and control. Other top paying positions include environmental and behavioural health scientists, public health and safety engineer, nutritionist, etc. Most of the specialisation or disciplines which are core competencies in public health provide good career outcomes.

Online MPH program

The specialisation chosen by the public health professional during the course or training program is one of the popular determinants of salary. Salary outcomes are tied to educational qualification and certification. A bachelors degree is not enough and masters degree is necessary to advance in public health career. Online MPH (Master of Public Health) programs and certification can help in job enhancement to higher positions and build experience. MPHprogram is conducted at James Lind Institute (JLI) in collaboration with the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Italy (UTIU). This science intensive dual online degree program is designed to deliver quality health services, develop managerial and communication skills needed at public health organizations or agencies. The program provides training to deal with healthcare reforms, emerging environmental or epidemiology concerns and other public health issues.

Online Course in Public health

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program in Master in Public Health helps an individual to advance in public health career.

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