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Public Health Jobs in Somalia

Public Health Jobs Somalia

The comprehensive Health system is rapidly changing in Somalia to meet the requirements as well as face challenges of changing demographics, disease patterns, emerging diseases and unaffordable healthcare delivery. A number of issues related to governance in health, impacts of reforms, financing of health care, an imbalance in utilisation of human resources, inaccessible quality health services affect overall health system. Decision and policy makers need to identify factors affecting performance of health system and articulate policies to achieve better health outcomes.

Public Health in Somalia

The health development plan for Somalia is focused on child health along with paying attention to minorities and gender equality. The challenges faced in Somalia are poor quality of healthcare services due to inadequate training and knowledge imparted to healthcare providers; urban bias and uneven access to health services; mismanagement of finances and poor health indicators; lack of resources or commitment by administrations; decline in public health service support, practices and qualified personnel. The public health issues in Somalia include abuse of rights, increasing maternal and child mortality, alarming food insecurity and severe malnutrition. The country has hospitals, clinics, out-patient dispensaries and health centers to deal with public health problems with limited number of qualified doctors, nurses, technicians and other medical professionals.

The Somali private health sector and the Ministry of Health in coordination with the activities of international agencies and local NGOs are responsible for delivery of health services. This partnership and collaboration between national and international government and non-government partners of public health have achieved effective communication and networking. International agencies of private sector have bridged gaps in public health emergency programs and services for control and eradication of polio, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and malnutrition. The guidance and coordination provided by government and non-government partners on emergency preparedness and response, national policies, processes, strategies and programs have focused on scaling-up tailored health packages and interventions for maternal, neonatal and child survival including implementation of detailed work plans and budgets. Emergency life saving vaccinations, testing for HIV/AIDS, antiretroviral therapy and other health services are being made available to the population of Somalia.

Public Health Jobs

Public health professionals are accountable towards development and administration of various programmes with a view to integrate gender equality. The core values, qualitiesand competencies imparted during the degree and training program include commitment, diversity, integrity, communication, supervising, team leadership along with formulating strategies and concepts, ensuring appropriate action with results, analyzing and networking.

The public health network created by special programs and agencies need trained professionals for delivery of services to the population of Somalia. Public health experts are employed to meet emergency needs and doctors operate as private practitioners in hospitals and public health facilities. Public and community health officer or specialists are responsible for day-to-day management of the community health and communicates strategies to other staff, partners and community members. Project managers and officers monitor outputs, budgets and ensure smooth implementation of project related activities. Health and Nutrition coordinator along with the rest of project staff develop project management tools and organise detailed plans for strategy implementation, equipment procurement and budget.

The clinical officers, nurses, technicalhealth specialist, organizational developmentadvisor, system and partnershipspecialistconsultants can avail courses and training programs that have standardized curriculum, teaching methodologies and quality training tools. Skilled and trained professionals are required for programmes to be efficiently and rigorously monitored, evaluated and reported along with being carried out in a transparent and timely manner in compliance with the established guidelines and procedures.

Online Course in Public health

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Masters in Public Health (MPH) which helps professionals. JLI also provides online courses in Global Health, Maternal and Child Health, Tropical Medicine, Reproductive Health, Environmental Health and Occupational Health.

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