Environmental Health

Environment Management and Climate Change

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Environment Management

Sustainable development requires adaptation to climate change, protection and management of environmental resources. The planning of adaptation to climatic change should provide necessary environment management steps or set of tools for the public to adapt, identify communities or sectors at risk and explore opportunities to increase resilience. Environment management Confirming the principles of sustainable development requires reasonable measures to prevent […]

Tropical Medicine

Benefits of Immunization

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Benefits Of Immunization

Poor health stunts while good health promotes economic growth and social development. Health is a fundamental right in developing countries and vaccination represents the bedrock of public health programmes Immunization Many diseases can be highly contagious overwhelming to defence system of the body. Simple and effective way of protecting through immunization triggers the immune system to fight against diseases. Immune […]

Public Health Leadership

Operational Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Public Health Facilities

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Quality Assurance In Public Health Facilities

A self-sustainable model of quality care with significant determinant of growth, quality enhancement tools, health network and guidance can improve capabilities and competencies of healthcare providers and facilities. This will achieve and ensure universal access to affordable, equitable and quality healthcare services to be responsive and accountable to the needs of the population. Healthcare Quality Assurance Guidelines Improving quality and […]

Agribusiness management

Role of Fertilizers in Agriculture

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Fertilizers In Agriculture

What is fertilizer? Fertilizers, artificial or natural, are the components that increase plant productivity and development. Fertilizers help the soil increase its fertility thereby promoting growth. The use of manures as compost is presumably as old as agriculture itself. With the help of fertilizers, plants become resilient against harmful plant pathogens, pests, and weeds. Elimination of diseases in plants increases […]

Masters Public health

Online MPH Course / Program

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Online MPH Program

Public health professionals of non-profit, public or private healthcare organisations work at national and international level to develop an action plan and policies to be implemented in case of disease outbreaks. The global demand for trained public health professionals with advanced degree is increasing. This field focuses on the health of the public and the professionals help to prevent and […]

Medical Law & Bioethics

Bioethics Career Option & Education Requirements

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Bioethics Career Education

Bioethics: Career option Ethicsandbioethicsare interrelated philosophies working together hand-in-glove and concerned with the ethical questions that arise in life science, biotechnology, medicine and medical ethics, politics, law and philosophy. What is Bioethics Bioethicsis an interdisciplinary field that pertains to the ethical issues in healthcare and health science. Thefield of bioethics relates to biology or ethics that deals with biological functions. […]


Pharmacovigilance of Health Supplements

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Pharmacovigilance of Health Supplements

Pharmacovigilance plays a specialized and pivotal role in ensuring safety of medicinal products and health supplements. What are health supplements Dietary or health supplements are substances that addnutrientsto the diet or lower risks of health problems. The supplements available in the market reveal a world of promises and a sea of choices related to nutrition, dieting and bodybuilding. The dosage […]

Pharmaceutical Medicine

Online Pharmaceutical Medicine Training in South Africa

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Pharmaceutical Medicine South Africa

Pharmaceutical Medicine deals with the science of drug development and increasing research understanding of chronic non-communicable diseases like cancer or infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS. As an important component of the health system, pharmaceuticals require innovative approaches to be managed. Online courses in Pharmaceutical Medicine or Clinical Research are available for health professionals to get skilled and trained in this field. […]

Agribusiness management

Post-processing Operations in Food Technology

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Food Processing Operations Food Technology

Food processing industry has witnessed great evolution in the last few years. Growing population and changing lifestyles have drastically influenced the patterns of food consumption. Convenience, quality, nutrition, quantity and availability have topped the list of consumers requirements. The food manufacturing and processing industries accommodated a wide range of foods to cater to the needs of the consumers. Likewise, the […]

Public Health

Mental Health Services: An urge for a change

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Mental Health Services

Mental Health: A Social Taboo Mental health in general is a taboo subject worldwide. Developed nations have just recently started recognizing mental-health as a problem and started with both awareness campaigns as well services to be able to curb these issues. Developing nations are still struggling to recognize these issues and take immediate action. Depression and other mental, neurological disorders […]