Pharmaceutical Medicine

Online Pharmaceutical Medicine Training in South Africa

Pharmaceutical Medicine South Africa

Pharmaceutical Medicine deals with the science of drug development and increasing research understanding of chronic non-communicable diseases like cancer or infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS. As an important component of the health system, pharmaceuticals require innovative approaches to be managed. Online courses in Pharmaceutical Medicine or Clinical Research are available for health professionals to get skilled and trained in this field.

Pharmaceutical Medicine

Pharmaceutical medicine is a branch of medical science recognized to play an important role in delivering safe and effective products in the global market. Pharmaceutical medicine is a scientific discipline that involves research, development, evaluation, monitoring, registration and other medical aspects of distributing or marketing drugs to improve public health across the globe. The rapid drop in mortality and increase in life expectancy from both chronic and infectious diseases can be attributed to the distribution of innovative modern pharmaceuticals. The degree of pharmaceutical regulation imposed on manufacturers, distributors and end users of this industry is based on absolutely reliable data of pharmaceutical products. The field of pharmaceutical medicine ensures understanding the concept of safety and risk-benefit ratio of drugs; research and evaluation of new therapies; protection of patients enrolled in clinical trials and translation of medical research into new affordable treatments. Pharmaceutical professionals are employed in drug regulatory bodies, pharma or biotech industry, clinical research agencies, government and non government organizations.

Online Training programs

Professionalism, integrity and competence are absolutely essential for dealing with pharmaceutical materials. Experts need to be skilled and trained to coordinate research and development efforts within pharma industry, private or public organisations and regulatory agencies worldwide. The professionals are required to ensure the quality of the product during research, development, production, distribution and storage until it reaches the end users. Wide range of courses and programs are available targeting research, development, clinical trials, quality control and storage to individuals seeking employment in the pharmaceutical industry. These courses help pharmaceutical professionals to manage risk, monitor supply chain and ensure regulatory compliance at every stage.

The courses mostly provide introduction to pharmaceutical policies and management of issues associated with the health system. They lay a strong foundation for pharmaceutical policy development, policy analysis and implementation of skills at all levels.The topics delivered during such courses include quality of medical products, local production and drug resistance to promote rational usage, management of supplies and advisory on medical policies.Understanding of pharmaceutical drug development and knowledge on principles of drug discovery, clinical pharmacology, non-clinical safety testing, clinical epidemiology, planning and execution of clinical trials, statistical data management, ethical compliance, pharmacovigilance, pharmaceutical marketing and economics of healthcare are other topics covered.

Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, logistics professionals, government and non government officers involved in implementation of pharmaceutical policies, medical supply chain and healthcare professionals in other areas of medical management are benefited from these courses. The goal of the online Pharmaceutical Medicine program is to develop certified, skilled and trained professionals that are extensively competent in research, clinical development and maintenance of pharmaceuticals; aware of global pharmaceutical regulations; understand the concept of drug safety of healthcare pharmaceutical products in the global market.

Online Course in Pharmaceutical Medicine

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Advanced PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine to develop more professionals in this field.

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