Masters Public health

Online MPH in Nigeria

Online MPH In Nigeria

An online course Masters of Public Health (MPH) provides unique career opportunity to improve health policy, educate underserved communities on healthy behaviour, prevent and control the outbreak of diseases.

Public Health Problems in Nigeria

Long list of public health barriers lies in the pattern of leadership, clinical training, man-power challenges, infrastructure and standardized diagnostic instruments. Weak Nigerian healthcare system and poor public health management as evidenced by fragmentation of services, dearth of resources like medicines and vaccines, inequity in resource distribution, inadequate and decaying infrastructure, lack of coordination and access to deplorable quality of care. Inadequate public health tracking techniques can lead to huge health insecurity and endanger national security. Hence, provision of delivering timely information and healthcare services can combat public health menace.

Since the Nigerian healthcare system is poorly developed, the objective of Nigerian health policy is to attain optimum level of healthcare that will enable to achieve socially and economically productive lives. Various reforms initiated by the Nigerian government addresses the wide range of issues in the healthcare system. Routine surveillance and medical intelligence is required to achieve healthcare success in this modern era. The role of automated medical intelligence and surveillance systems is increasing to update the traditional pattern of manual document retrieval. The need to revitalize Nigerian healthcare system and provide specific project designs to enhance efficiency and cooperation is necessary.

Online MPH courses

MPH is a multidisciplinary graduate degree designed to prepare individuals to improve community health and acquire leadership positions in public healthcare administration, disease prevention and health promotion. Public Health professional degree involves collaborative strategies that solve health related issues and promote social justice program to serve public sector at all levels. The MPH program emphasizes the application of broad state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative problem solving skills. Faculty members have expertise and experience to educate and develop public health experts. Individuals aspiring advancement in public health career or career transition into public health from other health professions are ideal candidates for the MPH program. Graduates can enhance communication skills, opportunities for professional growth and job placement through comprehensive courses, internships and capstone experience needed to work with diverse populations.

The nature of an MPH degree allows individuals to pursue a variety of career options since these programs are available throughout the world and focuses on public health practice. Degree holders can work in government health departments, community health clinics, non-government organisations, international health or advocacy organizations and academic institutions. MPH degree provides job seekers theoretical and practical comprehensive knowledge and expertise in public health to compete in any field related to health and education or issues of social justice such as health disparities and unaffordable healthcare. International Telematic University UNINETTUNO (UTIU), Italy and James Lind Institute (JLI) provide a structured online MPH program that can help individuals acquire jobs in the field of public health. Positions available for the post graduates include Epidemiologist, Biostatistician, Researcher or Research scientist, Public Health Educator, Healthcare Administrator, Health communications specialist, Public health management or Environmental health intelligence analyst, Director of programs and services.

Online Course in Public health

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program in Masters in Public Health (MPH online) which helps aspirants to secure jobs in public health.

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