Masters Public health

Online MPH Course / Program

Online MPH Program

Public health professionals of non-profit, public or private healthcare organisations work at national and international level to develop an action plan and policies to be implemented in case of disease outbreaks. The global demand for trained public health professionals with advanced degree is increasing. This field focuses on the health of the public and the professionals help to prevent and control disease outbreaks. Public health creates job opportunities in clinical research, academia or education, biostatistics, epidemiology, social work, etc.

Public Health Masters

Public health is a field that creates healthy communities by promotion of healthy lifestyles. The focus is on health education, research, promotion and prevention of diseases. Public health is consortia of fields like sociology and anthropology, health and medicine, marketing, economics and information technology. Interdisciplinary program of masters in public health emphasizes on prevention and treatment of diseases, promotion of healthy lifestyles, especially among risk groups of senior citizens and children. It identifies most effective ways to fight diseases and disseminate community relevant health information.

An individual with a bachelor’s degree can pursue post-graduation of Master in Public Health (MPH). The MPHdegreefocuses onpublic healthpractices available in MedicalSchools,Schools of Public Health and Schools of PublicAffairs throughout the world. The five core discipline areas of MPH degree are biostatistics, epidemiology, social and behavioural sciences, environmental health, health policyandhealth administration. The diverse, broad and growing public health career attracts professionals to this field.

Online Public Health Training Program or Courses

The comprehensive curriculum of MPH programs tackles topics like biostatistics, epidemiology, socioeconomics, emergency management and marketing. It is an experience course that provides intensive research project, internships or clinical residencies, on-site experience and supervised training by experienced professionals to pursuant. These can be obtained by class room teaching, distance education or online. Many individuals prefer online MPH rather than campus based learning wherein the demanding curriculum remains the same.

An MPH program or course is designed to provide knowledge and skills with introduction of complex approaches and theories of public health profession. The specializations in MPH include public policy, diet and nutrition, occupational health and safety, emergency and disaster management, global and environmental health. Internships or residencies and capstone experiences are necessary to face real world concerns and problems.

James Lind Institute (JLI) has collaborated withInternational Telematic University, UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy to provide adual online degree program of 1 to 1.5 years with an Advanced PG Diploma and Master of Science in Public Health Management. The Advanced PG Diploma can be done in Healthcare and Hospital Management; Tropical Medicine; Public Health Research; Surveillance and Immunization; etc. following which the student is transferred to International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy for continuing the online MPH program. The University coordinates with Institute for the transfer process and acceptance of credits on behalf of the student for progression to masters degree. The module includes Principles of Public Health; Globalization and Public Health Challenges; Public Health Systems and Public Health Policies; Ethical, Cultural and Behavioural Aspects of Health along with Dissertation or thesisto complete the program. The structured program is based on skill sets required by managers and leaders of public health sector.

Merits of an online MPH program

Completion of coursework comfortably from home and local internships or clinical residency is possible in online MPH programs. Online MPH programs are advantageous and affordable for busy adults. Flexible alternative of online MPH programs offer access to lectures, course materials, virtual discussions and participation, assignment submission, writing exams and communicating with professors from home using current technology. The easy format to study from home and asynchronous schedule of online MPH programs or courses are conducive for individuals with childcare duties, part-time jobs and other obligations that prevents classroom education. The courses offered are rated by pursuant for desired specializations, career support services and other criteria of academic excellence before applying.

MPH graduates are qualified for positions of medical researcher, manager or supervisor, biostatistician, epidemiologist, health educator and administrator, emergency management director, social service manager and community health worker in research laboratories, hospitals and clinics, government agencies, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities.

Online Course in Public Health

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Masters in Public Health (MPH) that helps develop public health professionals.

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