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Online Master of Public Health (MPH) in Cote d’Ivoire

Online MPH Cotedlvoire

Cte d’Ivoire is affected with uninterrupted economic growth, child mortality and low immunisation rates. Cte d’Ivoire government is resolutely committed to overcome the challenges, ensure equitable and accessible quality healthcare for all.

Public Health in Cte d’Ivoire

Cte dIvoire has the highest HIV/AIDS prevalent rate, problems associated with pregnancy and childbirth which is responsible for death of men and women. The focus of the health sector in Cte dIvoire is to improve reproductive, child and maternal health along with creating awareness of family planning.The challenge to convince parents on importance of vaccinations and ensuring availability of vaccines to all the population of Cte dIvoire needs immediate attention. The authorities are trying to improve the supply chain of commodities and deliverables for HIV and AIDS program. Cte dIvoire needs to strengthen and improve leadership, management and governance capabilities of health facility at the regional and district level; coordinate prevention and response efforts to epidemic diseases and improve services for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis care.

Ministry of Cte dIvoire’s is developing and directing the available resources to build and support the health system. Cte dIvoires performance-based financing program has been introduced for better delivery of health services in health facilities. Improved supply chain of health products is achieved by providing technical assistance through trained and mentored health professionals to achieve measurable results and help transform the existing health sector. The government is committed to develop infrastructure emphasised on providing quality healthcare services. The implementation of this ambitious vision through partnership and coordination among various private and public organisation has shown major efforts by targeting financial and fund management; improving supply of quality of services; focusing on maternal and child health; and strengthening governance of the health sector.

Online Master of Public Health (MPH)

Professionally educated and knowledgeable public health practitioners are in high demand to solve various issues faced by the population. The Master of Public Healthis designed by institutes to meet the growing demand for public health professionals by navigating and solving the inherent complex issues of the community. The program provides necessary technical expertise to train and equip graduates to meet population demand and tackle complex public health problems. Master of Public Health Program concentrates on the health of population by motivating innovative type thinking among participants to confront unique public health challenges.

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online course designed to train individuals in public health settings of the real-world. Real-world experience through coursework and faculty projects provide students opportunities to evaluate and apply newfound research skills towards issues related to poverty, violence, migration, immigration and suburbanization. The masters program seeks to improve public health and handle racial or ethnicity issues at regional, national and global levels. Graduates are prepared through this program to effectivelyaddress multi-level inequities and public health risks that impact diverse population. Comprehensive MPH curriculum generates experts to tackle complex health challenges of obesity and food insecurity, chronic and infectious diseases, affordable and quality healthcare services and socioeconomic inequalities.

Online Course at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Master in Public Healthin collaboration with Universit telematica internazionale (UNINETTUNO) for better public health career opportunities.

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