Masters Public health

Online Masters in Public Health in Malawi

Online Masters In Public Health Malawi

Public health education helps to develop community level interventions on identifying the causes for health crises within the population like disaster response, mental health problems, aging, chronic disease, tobacco control and more.

Public Health in Malawi

The major rise in morbidity and mortality has forced the Malawis Ministry of Health to formulate community based health delivery system with guiding principle to meet primary Healthcare needs of the population. The cornerstone of the healthcare system is health promotion, disease prevention and control that require highly qualified professionals in the field of public health. A comprehensive healthcare system can be achieved by prevention and control of non communicable and communicable diseases, epidemiology and research methodology, health prevention and health service management.

Government of Malawi is desirous of having the highest possible level of quality and healthy life for its citizens by involving service providers, community members, civil society groups, the private sector, co-operating partners and other stakeholders for the successful development of strategic plans. The Ministry has acknowledged concerted effort of all the stakeholders for the reduced risk factors to health; increased coverage of high quality services; sufficient skilled and trained human resources recruited and retained in the health sector; quality medical equipment provided and maintained; strengthened disaster and disease risk management. This collaboration with partners from all relevant disciplines and institutions endeavours to improve population health through excellence in teaching, training and research in Public health.

Online Public Health Masters (Online MPH)

Online masters course open the way to new business opportunities by using the latest advancements in communication technology and building networks with common goals. These courses offer lower tuition fees, preserve content quality and teacher involvement similar to campus masters programmes. This Masters course supports development of public health practitioners in negotiation, planning, implementation and evaluation of policy and practice initiatives. The degree holders are well versed, equipped with knowledge, attitudes and skills in Public health subjects. They can prevent and treat diseases or conditions to promote health by integrating primary healthcare approach in health services and encouraging practices that promote physical and mental health of the people.

MPHprogram of 1 to 1.5 years is available at James Lind Institute (JLI) in collaboration with the International Telematic University Italy (UTIU). This dual online degree program provides Advance PG Diploma in JLI followed by master degree in UTIU. This science intensive program is designed to improve the quality of life through preventive measures; delivery of quality health services; developing organizational, managerial and communication skills to solve public health problems. The programme in Public Health is designed to provide comprehensive understanding of the importance of the environment on health, Public health problems and healthcare systems; develop Public health professionals for local and international careers; inspire health professionalism in surveillance and control of communicable diseases; imparting skills in scientific research and writing to work in a biomedical team; train professionals about Public health practice. The postgraduate training mentors and develops public health practitioners, clinicians and scientists to become leaders in transforming the health sector in Malawi. Aspirants can obtain jobs in Bioethics, Epidemiology, Health Management, Reproductive Health, Nutrition or Health Informatics.

Online Course in Public health

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Masters in Public Health (Online MPH) in collaboration with the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Italy that ensures public health job prospects for aspirants.

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