Global Health Management & Policy

Online Course in Global Health Management and Policy

Online Course in Global Health Management and Policy

Social determinants such as geographical location, housing, education, employment, income and crime play a major role in influencing health. As per latest reports, only 5% of the national health budget in the United States is directed towards population health while the rest is spent on medical care services. With the intention of improving population health, social and economic policies are developed by local, state and federal governments.

What does health management and policy deal with?

Access to inadequate healthcare or inappropriate usage of health resources could be attributed to unwarranted variations driven by highly complex healthcare technology, ever increasing information in the field of medicine and dependence on subjective judgement. The unwarranted variations can be minimized through a comprehensive approach to align policies, leadership and technology.

Health management and policy deal with leadership and general management of hospitals, hospital networks and healthcare systems to ensure that the expected outcomes are accomplished. It includes making sure that the resources are used efficiently and all departments are working towards an intended goal. Also, health determinants such as genetics, social conditions, environmental exposures and behavioural patterns are taken into consideration while creating health policy. The social determinants of health are addressed by policy makers through provisions in the Affordable Care Act which states that non-profit hospitals must assess community health needs and take part in community health projects.

Career in Global Health Management and Policy

Healthcare management professionals are in demand owing to growing population, emergence of high end technology and complex healthcare systems. Healthcare management professionals work in various sectors including hospitals, non-profit, private and government organizations in various capacities such as health policy analysts, health policy researcher, data analysts, program managers and analysts, community health and education associates, software developers, and health finance analysts, healthcare insurance specialists, etc. Various institutes offer courses that can lead to a rewarding career in healthcare management.

Online course in Global Health Management and Policy at James Lind Institute

James Lind Institute offers advanced post graduate diploma in global health management and policy to individuals who aspire to resolve major issues that act as stumble blocks in providing equitable and quality healthcare to the world. The curriculum for this course is comprehensive and has been designed by global health professionals to provide an end-to-end understanding of existing and emerging concepts in community medicine, epidemiology, health economics, hospital management, various aspects related to maternal and child health, surveillance, preventive medicine and population health, infectious diseases and immunization, global health policy and development and occupational hazard management. The individuals taking up this course ought to select one elective module among biostatistics, research methods and occupational injuries and illnesses.

After the completion of this 6-8 months self-paced course, eligible professionals are given an opportunity to upgrade to master’s program (MSc) in health management conducted by James Lind Institute in collaboration with the International Telematic University, UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy by just paying the difference in total fee along with a nominal university transfer fee (USD 250/-).

Individuals with a degree in the field of biosciences, life sciences, medicine, pharmacy, biostatistics and bioinformatics, nursing and allied health are eligible to apply for this course. However, those who are not graduated in the above mentioned fields but with a prior work experience in global health, public health, health management or related areas are also eligible to take up the course.

Technologically advanced e-campus of James Lind Institute acts as a contemporary substitute to standard classroom programs. In addition, custom-made classroom activities take place through an Online Campus Tutoring Centre, mock drills and tutoring. Placement assistance and career development support are also provided towards the end of the program.

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