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Medical Tourism- It’s Exciting Benefits & Travel Destinations

The term “Medical tourism” refers to the travel from one nation to another nation for medical care or any health related issue. It is approximated that more than 700,000 US citizens travel to other nations for health care every year and this number is growing. Most of the people engage in medical tourism because of the very economical treatment cost in other nations. Most of the people prefer medical tourism for knee replacement surgery, heart and dental related problems and cosmetic surgery.

Why People Go To Other Nations For Medical Care?

• The charges of healthcare in developed countries have enhanced extremely.

• These days global travel is trouble-free and fairly priced.

• International standards of care and technological enhancements in healthcare sector are quickly enhancing throughout the world.

• Enhanced communication opportunities make it simpler to come across and get in touch with medical centers overseas.

One more factor to take into consideration is health insurance. Individuals without health insurance, or with a restricted insurance policy in their home countries, are more probabe to look for other alternatives like as medical tourism. As the cost of healthcare services rise, the range of therapies and procedures that the health insurance policies cover go down. The insurance deductibles from an individual’s health insurance may turn out to be more costly than the cost of going abroad for treatment. This is why individuals who simply can’t pay for health insurance, consider travelling overseas as a legitimate option.

Advantages of Medical Tourism

Cost Effective Treatment
The main reason why people choose medical tourism as a better option is because of low cost medical treatment. The financial savings range in between 30 percent to 80 percent of the charge that you would generally pay in a developed country.

The primary reason behind the low costs of medical treatments overseas is the low cost of skilled labour in the well-known medical tourism locations.

High-Quality Healthcare
Most of the physicians and surgeons who provide healthcare services to global patients are well trained and certified in developed nations, such as US and UK. Medical centers throughout the world have obtained accreditation from well recognized international organizations like as Joint Commission International (JCI), Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to show their commitment to quality health care.

One exciting benefit of medical tourism is the quick accessibility to health care services. For all those who have come from nations with public health care systems, medical tourism provides them the opportunity to be positioned on the priority list.

Increased Air Travel and Communication Services
Most procedures carried out abroad can be planned via online or phone. Individuals have the flexibility to reserve flight tickets and plan surgery treatments from their own home. This gets rid of the difficulty of going to the medical center or clinic for assessments and evaluations. The only time individual has to leave their home is on the day or a week before the treatment.

Travel Opportunities
Despite the fact that medical tourism is about acquiring medical care, one more advantage of medical tourism is getting the chance to travel to other nations. For some medical travellers, specifically those looking for dental care, cosmetic care or wellness therapies, they can enjoy the chance to travel abroad in add-on to obtaining cost effective healthcare.
Access to Better Healthcare Facilities
Many countries do not have well developed medical facilities. People travelling from such countries to countries where world class treatments are available is also medical tourism.

Career Opportunities in Medical Tourism

With the medical tourism sector set to increase a minimum of 25% for the next decade or so, there are many job opportunities coming up for well trained and qualified professionals in medical tourism and related industries. Medical tourism sector provides excellent career opportunities to build a career. Jobs are available with hospitals, travel agencies, government bodies and medical tourism companies.

Medical Tourism Leading Destinations

Medical Tourism Thailand

Thailand, combined with its Asian neighbouring countries like Singapore and India, accounts for a very large percent of Asia’s medical tourism market. Every year, more than one million individuals from other countries travel to Thailand for medical care. According 2013 data, Thailand is placed in number one position in Asia for medical tourism.

Medical Tourism India

India is one of the rapidly growing countries in medical tourism. The price of medical treatment is negligible in comparison to the developed countries and India can provide the most advanced health care. People travelling from other countries to India, get the best health care and also to experience the nation’s rich culture.

Medical Tourism Singapore

The wonderful island city-state of Singapore is presently the second biggest medical tourism market in Asia region. Nations advanced health care services combined with world class qualified physicians, affordable travel expense and 21 JCI accredited medical centers and other national accredited hospitals helped the medical tourism sector to attract patients from North America, Southeast Asia and EU region.

Medical Tourism Brazil

In recent times, Brazil is now well known for their popular cosmetic and plastic surgery treatment centers, where the wealthy and popular people have been visiting in order to keep their anonymity and recuperate in the pristine Brazilian beaches. For other treatments apart from cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments, Brazil has a few medical centers that are providing latest care and are completely certified by the JCI and the well known US Hospital Accreditation organization JCAHO.

Medical Tourism Costa Rica

Almost 15% of worldwide tourists going to this ecological heaven take benefits of its medical services, primarily cosmetic surgery and dental treatment. San Jose and some areas near to it are home to many of board-certified physicians, surgeons and dental practitioners. Costa Rica is one of the top medical tourism destinations for people in America.

Medical Tourism Malaysia

More than 250,000 people travel to Malaysia for medical treatments every year, Treatment cost in Malaysia is less when compared to its neighbouring countries like Singapore, India and Thailand. Along with having specific burn treatment facilities, Malaysian medical centers have developed “well-man” and “well-woman” programs that consist of considerable, low-cost physicians and tests endorsing precautionary care. Malaysia is set to become a medical tourism leader by 2019.

Medical Tourism Turkey:

Medical travellers may be amazed to realize that this Eurasian nation is home to more JCI-certified health care centers than any country apart from the U.S. Health care prices compared particularly well even to individuals in Asia and also has a lot of physicians who are Western-trained and proficient in English. The Turkish authorities make sure strict quality specifications in each and every area of medical technology, services and employees.

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