Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in India and Career Opportunities

Medical tourism is a term which is always misinterpreted. It is not just tourism for medical care alone but also an aid to promote holistic health starting from the very first instance of providing an individual with an opportunity for choosing appropriate health care providers. India, being home of “Sushruta Samhita” ;ancient Sanskrit text on medicine and surgery is a hub of medicinal, surgical and technological advances and researches resulting in a greater influx of people from world over for medical treatment. The alternative remedies of ayurveda, naturopathy, yogic healing and spiritual cleansing are a few of the front runners in the field of medical tourism apart from the mainstream medical treatment, dental treatment and physiotherapy.

Medical aid provided in India not only caters to the physical health but also stimulates mental health by its vast cultural and social vibrancy. However the primordial reason for the vast rise in this sector is the cost effectiveness of the medical aid provided which is at par with highest quality of care provided by the developed countries. The cost of medical/health care services in India is as low as 20% compared to that in developed countries such as United States, United Kingdom and many other European countries.  The ease of documentation is another unprecedented factor starting from the visa proceedings to the admission in the medical establishments, making it lucid for an individual to opt for India for medical aid unlike other countries promoting medical tourism. Language barrier acts as a major hindrance for many individuals seeking medical care however as the majority of health care providers in India are well versed in the English language, it raises the market of medical tourism much higher for the comfort and care an individual seeks. The medical tourism sector in India is looking for the mediators to bridge the gap between the seeker and provider as well as auditors, accreditation team, quality control team to uphold as well as improve the levels of medical care. These medical service providers must have keen acumen about the medical industry as well as good communication and organizational skills.

The growing field of Medical tourism has only been so far just explored on the surface and there is so much of unchartered and unexplored territories which still need to be tread upon. To explore and initiate such fields James Lind Institute has designed a 4 to 6 months self paced Professional Diploma course in Medical Tourism and Health care Marketing. This online course not only provides continuous academic support but also provides mentoring from the senior professionals from the industry so that apart from the education an individual also gets an inner insight into the medical tourism sector. Course fee offered by JLI is highly reasonable.

If you intend to explore medical tourism as a career opportunity we highly recommend that you consider this online program. More details about it can be seen in the following link:

Medical Tourism Online Course

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