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Pharmaceutical industry associated medical liaison professionals are increasing worldwide with expanding focus on global operations in emerging markets. The role of medical science liaison is evolving as a field based professional to fulfil needs of healthcare providers by their deep scientific and medical knowledge on diseases and products with therapeutic properties.

Medical Science Liaison

Medical science liaison is ahealthcareconsultant employed inmedical device, pharmaceutical,biotechnology and other industries. Medical science liaison (MSL) or Regional medical advisor (RMA) is a medical advisor orientated at supporting marketing, clinical research, regulatory compliance, etc. Medical Science Liaisons are also called Regional Scientific Managers, Clinical Liaisons, Medical Managers, Medical Liaisons and Scientific Affairs Managers. Medical Science Liaison (MSL) need to have a doctorate degree in the life sciences with advanced scientific training and academic credentials.

Responsibilities of Medical Science Liaison

The main responsibility of MSL as a field based professional is to provide medical and scientific support to foster collaboration with key opinion leaders (KOLs). They facilitate relationship and exchange of unbiased medical information between the scientific communities. They support marketing or sales team in exploring business strategies and opportunities to contribute towards achieving their goals. MSLs build relationships and provide competitive market insights to key opinion leaders or andhealth care providers.

Their main objective is to develop collaboration and professional relationships with the healthcare industry by peer-to-peer contact with KOLs as well as provide medico-marketing support for product campaign designing, development, implementation and shape or direct marketing strategies. MSL along with marketing and sales team are experts and invaluable in understanding clinical perspective in constructing ethical marketing plans. MSL provide technical support for delivery of scientific presentations, development of medical affairs and actively brand assigned products. They are scientific experts continuously working through life cycle of a product to ensure effective usage of the products.

MSL role in an organisation or institution is to promote peer-peer relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in various therapeutic areas of research. They are scientific peers and distribute medical resources within the community. MSL facilitate clinical research and follow-up or review post marketing activities. They support pharmacovigilance by conducting and imparting training of the workforce. MSL develop public-private partnerships, gather competitive intelligence present quality scientific information for internal and external meetings and facilitate product medical or marketing activities. They interact with regulatory authorities and ensure all activities, interactions or practices comply with the accepted standards.

Online Medical Science Liaison Training / Medico-marketing Training

TheMedical Science Liaison training programsare dedicated to advancing the global MSL professional growth and development opportunities with live conferences featuring prominent speakers of the field, training of good practices, knowledge sharing, research and publications, educational materials like global experts presentations, videos, articles and other resources, networking opportunities, management support and career services. The unique MSL presentation and communications skills program is designed by experienced global MSL trainers, managers and professionals based on their experience of this field. The specifically designed curriculum contains best practices for a globally successful MSL program.

This training provides experience and tools necessary for a successful career and covers essential topics like effective MSL presentation skills and KOL Interactions, emotional intelligence, communication and insight gathering skills, simplifying complex data or information, handling objection and preventing rejections, dealing with difficult stakeholders and building long term relationships. This program is aimed at improving skills and providing new techniques for fielding difficult questions, delivering a presentation or presenting complex medical data or information to various healthcare providers including KOLs. The success lies in measuring the understanding of applications or techniques while improving presentation and communication skills.

Online Course in Medico-marketing

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program in Professional Diploma in Medico-Marketing that helps create more medical liaison professionals.

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