Maternal and Child Health

Maternal and Child Health Services: A growing awareness

Maternal and child health services

The awareness about health is increasing however most developing countries are not able to meet the targeted goals of reducing child and maternal mortality. Mostly due to inadequate access to health services and lack of awareness. Countries such as India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Srilanka need to increase quality of both and maternal child care by increasing financial incentives for health care provides as well as increasing the funds for proper utilization of the resources available. MCH services aim at improving perinatal, maternal and child mortality and morbidity by preventing transmission of infections from mother to child, assessing child development, nutrition, and mental health of both mother and child thus creating a healthy environment for both. Timely usage and appropriate care can provide an opportunity to prevent or manage the direct causes of maternal mortality, such as hemorrhage, obstructed labor and reduce fetal and neonatal deaths related to obstetric complications.

It should be of primary concern of health care providers to identify group, communities which are vulnerable and provide them with much needed preventive and curative health services. It has been observed in various studies that utilization of health services is dependent upon availability, quality, cost as well as social strata. A large family tends to underutilized health care services due to both time as well as resource constraints. The quality of services and time required to avail the services becomes an integral factor in the lower middle class community as time is commonly associated with daily wages which is essential for the familys livelihood. Mothers education another factor which is essential as her knowledge will not only make her aware about health problems but also about timely usage of health services both for her and her family members. Thus, Government organizations and NGO’S should keep in mind that it is not a single factor which will revolutionize the Maternal and child health services but rather a cumulative effect of all these factors that will bring about a positive change.

Maternal and Child Health Courses Offered

James Lind institute provides an opportunity for clinicians, nurses, public health professionals looking to supplement their skills as well as looking for a sound purposeful job as a maternal and child health trainer by providing online courses. The courses offered are Advanced PG Diploma in Global Maternal and Child Health, Professional Diploma in Public Health Management and Advanced PG Diploma in Global Health Management and Policy which are essential for upliftment of MCH services. JLI also provides a Masters in Public Health (MPH) in collaboration with International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Italy.

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