Masters Public health

What can you do with a Masters in Public Health (MPH)?

What can you do with a Masters in Public Health (MPH)?

Skilled and trained professionals like director of programs and services, public health management analysts, health communications specialists and research scientists in non-governmental and governmental organizations, private sector, national and multinational companies play an important role in moulding the public health worldwide.

Importance of Public Health

Public health extends beyond the view of traditional healthcare with practitioners in the field striving to improve the social, economic and environmental health status of the population. The focus lies on broad range of issues such as educating population on dangers of tobacco, drug and alcohol use; detecting, controlling and preventing disease outbreaks; improving water supply and sanitation; increasing accessibility of nutritional food provision among underserved population; reducing violence and terrorism; promoting mental, reproductive and sexual health; developing safe housing to eliminate risks of pest infestation, handling issues of poor ventilation and heavy metal poisoning; establishing better transportation systems; decreasing child mortality and combating consequences of climate change.

The field of public health aims to rapidly improve the global health of population and life expectancy by reduction in mortality rate attributable to available clean water and sanitation, expanded immunization coverage and other survival programs. Various sectors of society contribute towards maximizing health by including broad economic, social, environmental and other policies. Government policies play a key role along with involvement of civil society to promote innovation in healthcare and health activities within public and private sectors. The involvement of all the stakeholders including private health organizations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, private clinicians, industry and community is increasingly important for the success of such programs.

Masters in Public Health (MPH)

Master of Public Health is designed to train students to effectively improve and protect the health of the population. Number of institutes offer aspirants online or combination of on-campus and online course. Such courses help to sort the issues impacting population worldwide and tackle challenges through research and community partnerships, educational awareness programmes, new public health policies and services. This degree based on skills has wide applicability across a number of disciplines.These educational programs also offer specialized training in unique specialties or traditional core areas of maternal and child health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, public health education, toxicology or disaster management, project evaluation, healthcare administration and biodiversity issues.

A professional graduate degree educates on community-led and population-based health services within organisations and international agencies. Positions in government and non-government projects are available relating to health promotion and administration. Versatile and flexible field of public health leads to a wide range of career pathways. Common career paths for graduates in Master of Public Health include Healthcare Administrators, Epidemiologists, Counsellors,Social and Community Service Managers, Dieticians and Nutritionists. Health informatics specialist handles health-related data and health and safety engineer designs machinery to improve health. Public health practitioners through research, education, data analysis and new government policies can impact social, medical and environmental factors affecting the health of the community. The mission of such professionals involves tackling, planning and communicating solutions towards issues of accidents, alcohol consumption, obesity and drug abuse from a health perspective.

Online Course at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Masters in Public Health for a prosperous career in this field.

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