Public Health Leadership

Leadership in Public health Practice

Leadership In Public Health Practice

Widespread acceptance of public health practices in understanding ecological model of health; clinical advances in managing health; recognising factors impacting behavioural health; management and biomedical technological advances are becoming popular. Public health is emerging as a trans-disciplinary field that integrates public health concepts and functions with effective delivery of healthcare services for the future.

Public health Practice

Public Health discipline has evolved to focus on addressing emotional and social determinants of health to promote multi-sectors of healthcare. It is the practice of public health knowledge, skills and application of healthcare deliverysystems through collaboration with policy makers, community and advocacy agency, government entities, non-governmental organizations and other healthcare facilities. Public Health Practiceis preferred by physicians, nurses, nutritionists, social workers and other professionals in public health settings. Public health practice also includes skills and tools of teaching, publication and communication of research efforts needed to be conveyed and translated into applications.

The main purpose of public health practice is prevention of disease or injury and improvement in community health through program evaluation, disease surveillance and outbreak investigation. The formal training in public health practice in specific areas of environmental health; nutrition; disease prevention; disaster management; physical, behavioural and emotional well-being is essential. This assists in better understanding good public health practices and informed content of appraised framework recommended for revalidation; guiding, planning and continuing professional development; revalidating source material and preparing appraisals; reference source for registering practicing professional. The greatest improvements have been in the ability of leaders to cope with changes and issues through use of effective public health practice via various forums to educate and empower the population.

Leaders in Public health Practice

Public Health Leadership is the practice of influencing and mobilizing organizations or communities to effectively tackle complex challenges in public health. Leadership is a core competency of public health wherein the leaders have vision, values and passion to achieve personal and organizational mission. Leadership skills are imbibed and utilised during the journey of leading organisational team members of health sector. Leaders have vision to achieve organisational goals by motivating team members to carrying out assigned activities. A true leader establishes leadership legacy, seizes opportunities; presents futuristic vision; expands capacity and reduces limitations; strengthens communication and team building skills.

Training and leadership development in public health stresses on importance of gaining management skills to support and guide the team members. The education system must have the capacity to train the future leaders of the health system. The futuristic health systems leaders must have a communicable vision to contribute, embrace and implement clinical and management approaches of public health practices. Public health leaders should have the ability and skills to face conflicting obligations and ethical tensions in managing health and making important decisions. Values to create and continuously improve public health through evidence based decision-making with effective political and organizational skills in the leaders are important. All theeffective traits, qualities and leadershipskills acquired through formal training and experience in public health leader encourages teammembers to follow with compassion and integrity.

Online Public HealthCourses at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Executive Certificate in Public Health Leadership & Research for a detailed understanding of the importance of leadership qualities and knowledge in public health practice. JLI also conducts an online Master in Public Health Management (MPH) program in collaboration with International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.

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