Public Health Management

Importance of Managing Public Health

Importance of Managing Public Health

Public health field is constantly evolving across the world to respond to the needs and challenges of community and population. The concept to improve public health management needs to be taken seriously by promoting skill base and addressing training or development programmes.

Importance of Public health

The fundamental preventative nature or quality of public health is more effective and less expensive than cure in aiding and prolonging life. Good health among the population is promoted through preventive measures for health issues. Public health helps detect health issues at an early stage with appropriate response to avoid the development of diseases. This field is diverse and accounts the health of the whole population by increasing awareness of health hazards through educational campaigns and programmes that influence government policies. The importance of public health to constantly strive, close the inequality gap or gender bias and encourage equal opportunities among ethnic groups and childrenrequires building and expanding new skills; promoting growth through activities, projects and campaigns.

Public Health studies play a major role in fighting health problems affecting humans. The underlying mission of public health policy is to educate future leaders on practice and research of public health issues. The public health mission includes improving the behaviour and conditions affecting the health of the public. Public health experts translate research into policies and practices to improve the health of regional, national and global population. Public Health professionals with a degree in health related studies constantly battle against diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and dementia to maintain the well-beingand health of the population. These health professionals ensure human right for health regardless of disadvantage associated with socio-economic background.

Public health Management

Public health management is concerned with the management of all resources and public funds intentionally provided to improve the health of the population. Themanagement aspect of public health includes concentrating and focusing on managing administration and structure ofpublic healthorganizations through healthprograms and policies that reimbursehealthservices. Public health management is a pillar of public health practice effectively managed through theoretical research and scientific innovation which is translated into successful public health action. The tools of public health have advanced rapidly with the development of more effective drugs and new interventions, improved vaccines, enhanced diagnostic techniques, mode of communications and innovative technologies. The success rate of global health interventions requires effective implementation of evidence-based interventions dependent upon traditional research, public health surveillance activities and strong workforce.

Improvement in public health management is possible by addressing the critical needs of building effective cadre of public health scientists and managers, increasing preparedness of responding to disease threats and effectively implementing public health programs.The skilled workforce of managers can provide organizational direction and oversight. The concept of public health management and analysis of skills requires successful practice through training programmes that develop efficient public health managers. Countries and public health institutions focus on developing and bolstering the quality of a cadre of public health professionals to help facilitate access to quality care in urban and rural areas.Public health managers and professionals develop into political leaders with the required evidence oversight, technical advice and guarantee to effectively implement developed policies, norms and guidelines. Multidisciplinary activity of public health management includes doctors, non-medical specialists, non-clinical epidemiologists and quantitative scientists, social and behavioural science experts to promote research and development, health services or systems.

Online Public Health Course at JLI

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