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ICH is now International Council for Harmonisation – A Legal Swiss Entity

The International Conference on Harmonisation is now the International Council for Harmonisation (ICH), and organised the first meeting of its new Assembly on 23 October 2015.

The changes build on a two and half decades of reputation of effective delivery of harmonised guidelines for worldwide pharmaceutical development, and their regulation. The modifications put forward on 23rd October 15 build on that success and will strengthen the foundations of ICH to make it better-prepared to face the difficulties of worldwide pharmaceutical development and guidelines.

The reforms will indicate that ICH is a genuinely global effort, broadening beyond the present ICH members. More participation from regulatory authorities all over the world is anticipated as they will be welcomed to be a part of counterparts from Europe, Japan, USA, Canada and Switzerland as ICH regulatory members. This is matched by the opportunity of broader inclusion of global industry sectors influenced by ICH harmonization. The changes enhance ICH as the major platform for worldwide pharmaceutical regulatory harmonisation, and one that brings together in a clear manner all key regulators and industry stakeholders.

The modifications give ICH a more constant operating framework by means of the establishment of an ICH association, a lawful entity within Swiss law. The association set the new Assembly as the over arching governing body that will be instrumental in aiding long term development through the participation of new members.

At the conclusion of the inaugural assembly, ICH Assembly members announced “The basic principles of what the ICH parties are attempting to achieve are not modified, but the changes to the procedure and organisation were required to adapt to modifications in how drugs are developed and regulated. These modifications mark an interesting moment for us to assist harmonise and improve the worldwide drug development process for the advantage of patients all over the globe.”

This article is adapted from original press release. For more information please click here or ICH GCP Training & Certification Program 

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