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How to Become a Freelance Medical Writer

The primary skills of a professional technical writer are to simplify complex data, information, facts, and multi-stemmed procedures into a design that we now call human-readable. Every material related to writing like hand books and training guide etc. is designed by a technical writer who analyse the unprocessed instructions and put back together the information so that every one can easily understood. As a subcategory of technical writing, the medical writer has identical general skills and functions; but instead of assembling instructions, freelance medical writers prepare documents related to medical practice, medical procedures, medical data, regulatory documents, promotional materials, training material etc,.

Tips to become a freelance medical writer

Education and Training: If you want a sponsor company/client outsource their work to you then you need to learn all the fundamental things of technical writing. Make sure your technical understanding and capabilities are equal or above the abilities of your peers. In comparison to general technical writer, the function of a medical writer requires specific training to assist in fully understanding the basic terminology of writing for wide range of media in healthcare sector. You would need a basic degree in life science or health related area and also medical writing training and certification from reputed institution. Training and certification not only provides you the required knowledge to become a medical writer but also grab the attention of client who wants to outsource their work.

Write for Your Readers’ Reading Level: Medical writing concentrates more on writing skills and knowledge related to drugs, medical devices, healthcare topics, public health, regulatory medical writing, etc. Always be cognizant of an average individual’s search for medical or health-relevant information so that you can write at that readability level, simultaneously, the more health-relevant expertise you obtain, the more you can simplify data and information. Real-life experience is absolutely precious. Working in a lab, hospital, healthcare company, NGO, Regulatory company, Pharmaceutical company etc, as a volunteer or intern when you are free will not only offer you with great experience, but it also allows you interact socially and network with professionals who might have contacts to hiring managers at similar organizations.

Search Jobs Online and Offline: Various website available for freelance jobs such as, and can help obtain project-based freelance work that will further develop your expertise and promote your availability to other potential clients. Of course, to take benefit the incentives of standard clients and for higher pay, you need to get in touch with ad agencies and staffing agencies, along with marketing your skills directly to companies and clients.

Difficult Tasks Pay Much Higher: There is a high possibility that once qualified as a freelance medical writer you will get high incomes from major MNCs. Writing standard regulatory documents for government-aided businesses will pay you thousands of dollars for each project. Despite the fact that these projects are complicated and time-consuming, many Pharmaceutical organizations will require your writing abilities to launch a new product. If you are the writer who can write a regulatory report that help an organization to get a marketing approval of their products then you can assume many more jobs from the same company and many new opportunities from other companies also.

Before You Start Searching for Jobs Advertise Your Abilities: Blog your abilities for the whole global population to see; publish articles/blog posts or documents in different areas with your byline on them; inform prospective clients that you are a writer who can adjust to any writing project. Think about transcribing or posting content for websites, publications and journals to enhance your public identity. In addition, once you feel prepared in medical terminology, aim to convince an editor (or editors) to publish your content in their peer-reviewed health/medical publications, even as a co-author or collaborator. This will grab the attention of various clients who wants to outsource their medical writing work.

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