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Healthcare Management Training Program in Tanzania

Healthcare Management Training in Tanzania :- Tanzania is one among the sub-Sahara nations which is going through a rapid growth of urban population ranging between 6% and 10% and consisting of a population sizing to 35,000,000 people. It covers a geographical area nearing 950,000 km (sq) 21 regions in main part and 5 regions in Zanzibar 134 districts in Tanzania.

Tanzania has developed an exhaustive chain of hospital facilities serving nearly 90% of its population with at least one hospital with-in a radius of 10km. private healthcare service providers and NGO’s are playing a key role in the efficient functioning of the Health Sector. There are nearly 220 hospitals 482 HC and 4675 dispensaries in subsistence to accommodate the healthcare management needs.

Tanzania like any other developing countries is still facing the problem of healthcare waste management (HCWM). The principal grounds for this comprise: the increased growth in production of HCW due to the speedy development of healthcare management services mainly in metropolitan areas due to steep growth population, regular immunization programs for TB, measles and tetanus and introduction of disposable needles and syringes to put a check on the spread of HIV/AIDS. This has become a potential health risk to hospital workforce, environment and people in a large scale.

The Tanzanian government and the World Bank estimated that certain aspects of the Healthcare management  service endeavors may result in an increase in environmental and health risks. Improper handling of HIV/AIDS infected equipments does not only a potential risk for HCF staff but also for civil workers involved in waste management as well as for local habitants and street children who scavenge on waste disbursing sites.

Healthcare Management Training in Tanzania :- In the recent days, Tanzania has seen an escalating tempo of growth in medical tourism. On the other side an increased consciousness of health in Tanzania along with their improved standard of living is adding up to the swelling demand for greater healthcare management amenities. Therefore, the Tanzania healthcare management industry is increasing manifold and has to answer the pressing requirement for Healthcare Management professionals. James Lind Institute offers Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management Training in Tanzania for those who are interested to shape a well thought-of career in healthcare sector.

Healthcare Management Training  in Tanzania

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