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Health Management Courses for Dentists - James Lind Institute

Health Management career

Health Management is a vital function in the healthcare system that has exciting career opportunities. Health Management professionals manage hospital and healthcare organizations and need to have the knowledge to understand changes in healthcare laws, regulations and technology and are responsible for overseeing all operations in Finance, Marketing and Human resource department within the healthcare system. Healthcare Managers plan and implement quality healthcare to build and maintain quality, effectiveness and profitability in the system. Health management system ensures that all departments within the hospital and health facilities are running smoothly and that the right people are in the right jobs and if the resources are used efficiently.

Dentists in Healthcare Management Positions

In the recent times, many BDS graduates are transitioning into management after a course in Health Management looking for better opportunities outside the mainstream dental practice. New opportunities coming up in the management sectors related to hospital and healthcare management are interesting and challenging.

BDS in Hospital administration – Hospital administrator plays an important role in overseeing the efficient functioning of medical facilities according to policies and guidelines and delivers quality healthcare. They manage the business operations and are typically responsible for staffing, budgets, public relations, patient rights, finances, liasoning and other administrative tasks.   

–        BDS in Healthcare consulting – Health Care Consultant professionals ensures the healthcare organizations are running efficiently and effectively having an ultimate goal of patient care and safety. When any health care centers run into operational problems healthcare consultants are hired to do a preliminary research, examining the data related to the number of employees, revenue and identifies the problem and provides solutions regarding work efficiency and saving cost. The consultant then reviews and presents the report to the client and implement the ideas after the client approves.

–        BDS in Health information management – Information relating to the patients being treated are maintained electronically. Health information managers are trained in acquiring, analyzing and protecting digital and traditional medical information vital to providing quality patient care.

  BDS as Hospital CEO –The highest position in the healthcare administration is the Hospital CEO. CEO bears the ultimate responsibility for the smooth functioning of the health care system. CEO needs to typically have 10-15 years of experience in Health Care Management. Critical functions of the CEO would be strategic planning, developing policies and procedures, recruiting leaders in the senior management position, ensuring Compliance, Communication and Relationship.

–        BDS in Practice management. – They manage the clinicians and variety of staffs related to the practice like surgeons, nurses, pharmacists. Practice management professional uses management skills to coordinate clinic and hospital operations to ensure efficiency and quality service is delivered. Practice Manager Works with Regional Director to develop and implement performance goals and objectives.

Where to do the course?

Students and Professionals can enroll in Advanced PG Diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management or the Master of Science in Health Management offered by JAMES LIND INSTITUTE. JLI offers specialized and unique courses and certifications to bridge the skills need gap in Healthcare Systems.

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