E Healthcare

e-Healthcare: A New Way for Healthcare Industry

E Healthcare

What is e-healthcare?

E-healthcare signifies a global healthcare network for harnessing all available health mediated information and broadcasting or making it available to a large forum of individuals for clinical, educational, research, and administrative purposes,. It enhances the quality of care, access and experience of the healthcare users as well as reducing the workload specifically in terms of time and resources for healthcare providers thus ensuring a smooth delivery of health care services and healthcare data.

Advantages of e-healthcare / Healthcare Informatics

 It gives a sense of empowerment to patients with respect to current information about diagnosis and treatment thus giving them the ability to make personal decision about their health without even visiting a healthcare facility. It has been reported by various studies that usage of electronic health records, e-prescriptions and bar coding of medication and biological products has shown a marginal reduction in healthcare cost as well as medical negligence. As both provider and seeker, are dependent on the medium of internet to access updated information regarding clinical practices, guidelines, new advents in technology thus significantly enhancing decision making, improvising health management and more patient satisfaction. It encompasses the forum of Consumer marketing involving the web to display information pertaining to the hospital to attract new patients as well as provide knowledge about disease-specific information to existing patients. Thus, the most important aspect of e-healthcare is to create a patient friendly atmosphere in today’s consumer driven market.

 Advent to technology foresees a large number of healthcare providers having digital medium such as scanners, digital cameras, and videoconferencing facilities to reduce the barriers of distance for the exchange of health information as well as form a data pool for health problems in communities far and wide. Few percentages of healthcare providers are already party to this form of communication. This facilitates a medium of enhancing communication between patients and the healthcare delivery team (Organization, customer- care team and healthcare provider)


The major drawback emerges is the privacy and integrity of data transferred. It is very important that electronic transmission of the medical data and images is digitally watermarked. Access to medical data by various healthcare insurance providers is a potential risk to healthcare affordability.

Courses Offered

James Lind Institute has designed courses for multitask achievers such as Online Masters in Public Health (MPH), Master of Science in Healthcare Management, Professional Diploma in Medico-Marketing, as well as Professional Diploma in Business development. These courses not only provide continuous academic support, but also provide mentoring from the senior professionals from the industry so that apart from the education an individual also gets an inner insight into the industry sector.


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