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Clinical Research Industry in Singapore

Asia is an essential developing market with a quickly developing middle-class. In recent years organizations from developed region have moved more clinical research activities to Asia in order to obtain early access to the region’s markets. Additionally, clinical research in the Asian region is favoured by substantially lower clinical development costs and accessibility to a ready pool of patient population. Within this perspective, Singapore is an important and eye-catching clinical development location for the industry.

Singapore geographically is very small but has a mature healthcare sector that needs comparatively modern medical products. Organizations performing clinical studies can also tap into a growing pool of locally available research specialists such as clinicians, medical directors, research associates, biostatisticians, data management professionals among many others. In addition, there are numerous programmes and possibilities for the sector and physicians to work together, aggregate and convert clinical investigations into new market products.

Clinical development function in Singapore has developed continuously over the years. This is evident from the increase in the number of clinical studies on medicinal products from only around 150 studies in 2000 to above 350 in 2011. The reasons for this are the establishment of additional clinical study units at medical centers, a growing number of physicians who are interested in clinical research investigations and more individuals from the general population showing interest in getting access to most advanced medical treatments that are not yet accessible at regular clinics.

The Singapore government authorities have introduced the Biomedical Sciences Project, which aims to transform Singapore into Asia’s leading hub for biomedical sciences and research. The program implements world class facilities throughout all platforms – from primary research to clinical studies, from product and procedure development to full-scale production and healthcare delivery.

Initial stage of the initiative saw excellent results in terms of research outcome and quality, and have created a fresh pool of qualified local skills, who are qualified to assist Singapore’s developing base of R&D abilities.

Second Phase is designed to develop translational and clinical research in the coming 5 years, additional building up of basic biomedical sciences investigation abilities. It will also concentrate on facilitating the translation of medical findings from bench to bedside and from bench to industries.

In 2010, the Singapore govt declared that more than 3.5 billion Singapore dollars would be moved into biomedical sciences research in between 2011 and 2015.

Pharma, Biotech and Medical Technology organizations in Singapore that presently do production are gradually starting to locate their Research & Development work to Singapore.

With an increase in the R&D capabilities, the number of clinical studies in Singapore are predicted to increase further as more and more organizations make Singapore a base within the Asian region.

Career opportunities in Clinical Research Industry at Singapore

Singapore has invested huge amount of money on building state-of-the-art services and financing beneficial research scholarships targeted at bringing in the best scientists across the globe to Singapore.

Its Biopolis center features some of the major pharmaceutical organizations globally, and also some of the best-identified names in areas like cancer research. Various MNCs have previously conducted their research in countries like India, China, and elsewhere based on Singapore’s design. Institutes such as the Cancer Institute at the National University Hospital have developed a market on their own in initial phase clinical studies. A few months ago a team of researchers presented the outcomes of an initial- in-human research at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s yearly conference.

If Singapore turns into a hub for initial phase clinical research, then job opportunities in the clinical research sector will increase further. The job opportunities in Singapore appear to be promising not only for freshers, but also for experienced people. Like always there is huge scope for trained clinical research professionals.

Common Job Profiles in Clinical Research Industry

Entry Level Jobs in Clinical Research Industry

  • Drug Safety Associate (Pharmacovigilance)
  • Clinical Data Management Associate
  • Drug Regulatory Affairs Executive
  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Data Reviewer

Middle Level Jobs in Clinical Research Industry

  • Clinical Trial Manager
  • Principal Investigator
  • Medico Marketing Manager
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Sr. Medical Writer
  • Team Lead

Senior Level Jobs in Clinical Research Industry

  • Director Regulatory Affairs
  • Head of Clinical Research Operations
  • Director Clinical Data Management

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