Clinical Research

Clinical Research Courses in India : Growth, Challenges and Potential

Clinical Research Courses in India : Clinical Research is an off-shoot of diagnostic/therapeutic medical science that critically weighs-up/compares the safety and efficacy of novel drugs, medical devices, diagnostic products, and new treatment practices destined for human use. The new products will be put to use for diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or for relief of symptoms from a particular disease condition.  The phenomenal growth in clinical research endeavors over the last decade is expected to continue in the near future. This swift rise is also a lucrative business opportunity, with an estimated business value over US $ 1.6 – 2 billion, with the country receiving greater attention for the proper conduct of clinical research.  Clinical research is an essential and indispensable portion in this market dynamics before a new drug or vaccine is inducted in standard treatment regimes.

Training Institutes offering varied courses in clinical research have taken birth in large numbers to meet pressing needs manpower supplies to the industry. The rapid growth of the clinical research has   encouraged this phenomenon in the last couple of years. The demands for highly skilled manpower and task-specific fields like Pharmacovigilance have also increased the importance of training institutes. Clinical research is a broad field; an elementary antinomy is apparent between jobs pertaining to scientific conduct and reporting of trial outcomes on the one hand; and the operational complexities relating to the trial conduct on the other hand.

There are no government authorities driven training institutions offering programs in clinical research in India. In the lack of a conventional university structure, AICTE/UGC accreditation, or recognition under any state act, the programs that are taken-up do not have a conventional Indian University recognition/accreditation. The fundamental requirements for these courses are therefore broad, with post-doctoral fellows and paramedics are expected to register for the same. Web based online programs provide an opportunity for a speedy entry into the field are in demand. The present training institutes needs to concentrate on the issues like the quantity of trained individual as well as the intrinsic need for improving the quality of training. The training is required to be made compulsory for all Institutional Ethics Committee members, investigators, and the staff who are likely to be involved in clinical research. At the same point of time, there is a significant need for capability building for fresh training staff as well.

The present vivid proposition of the clinical research market state of affairs is not research euphoria. Ample time and consideration will be essential to embark upon the latent fears of the Indian scientific community and autonomous researchers. If left unreciprocated, these could be potential stumbling blocks in the development of clinical research in India.

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