Medical tourism: A travel for health

Medical Tourism Course

Medical tourism: A trip for your healthcare needs.

Basically, individuals of economically developed nations travel to developing countries with good medical infrastructure for their medical. Rather it’s a reverse concept of travelling from less developed to developed nations. A significant number of patients are known to travel to India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia for varied medical procedures, dental procedures, esthetic or facial enhancements. These places are well established destinations with modern advanced procedures with affordable prices but a caution that every individual must tread carefully after a complete research and a reliable source.

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Medical Tourism in India and Career Opportunities


Medical tourism is a term which is always misinterpreted. It is not just tourism for medical care alone but also an aid to promote holistic health starting from the very first instance of providing an individual with an opportunity for choosing appropriate health care providers. India, being home of “Sushruta Samhita” ;ancient Sanskrit text on medicine and surgery is a hub of medicinal, surgical and technological Continue reading