Medical Writing – One of the Best Career Options in the Healthcare Industry


What is Medical Writing?

Medical writing is an attractive alternative for professionals who are looking for a career in the healthcare sector. Medical writers deal with a wide range of topics and usually prepare documents pertaining to regulatory affairs, medical investigation or general medical information. Medical writers perform their duties for different industries in healthcare which includes pharmaceutical organizations, clinical research companies, medical device companies, medical books publishing firms and many more. Some medical writers work as freelancers. Continue reading

Online Courses in Scientific Writing and Medical Journalism


Online Courses in Scientific Writingand Medical Journalism:The scientific writing and medical journalism PG. Diploma programs intend to produce the next generation of script writers who will support the general public appreciate more and more difficult issues of nature, technology, science, medicine and health, and their associations with research and civic policy.
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Medical Writing a Promising Career Prospect!


Medical writing is an exciting profession! The work is inspiring and often rewarding, and the necessity for medical writers is vast. Few people elect to choose medical writing as profession; most of us fit into it. Lot of us have technical or medical degrees (e.g., PharmD, MD, PhD, in a scientific field) and have gained experience in the field (e.g., as an academic, pharmacist, scientist, Continue reading