Healthcare Management

Career Path for Healthcare Management Professionals

Healthcare industry is one of the most evergreen and fast growing industries. Healthcare providers such as hospitals, clinics, diagnostic labs and rehabilitation centres are highly regulated institutions. They adhere to complicated processes and require highly technical and qualified human resources to control their complex procedures.

Over the years Healthcare management has turned out to be one of the very lucrative careers in the rapid developing field of healthcare for professionals willing to manage sensitive public dealings. As healthcare sector is flourishing day-to-day in the view of globalization the need of hospital administrator has enhanced significantly. With growing importance on quality of healthcare and individual fulfilment there is a huge requirement for individuals with a professional qualification in hospital management. Hospital management is concerned with planning, organizing, managing, controlling and analyzing health services for the community to offer highest quality patient care at minimal cost so as to decrease morbidity and death.

Healthcare management is one of the top ten occupations according to a latest US survey. Huge numbers of private medical centers and clinics have come up all over the world. The healthcare concept in world has gone through a remarkable change in latest few years. Individuals have become progressively aware of the significance of healthcare and this has lead to higher expectations and an enhanced demand for an excessive quality of healthcare. Healthcare management professionals have proven how institutions can be handled effectively, economically and successfully in a targeted time period.

Job Responsibilities of Healthcare Management Professional

The job duties of healthcare management professional are very demanding, challenging and requires a high level of integrity. Healthcare management professionals control medical centers, out-patient clinics, hospices, and drug-abuse treatment facilities. Bigger hospitals or medical centres may require a large number of healthcare management professionals to manage various departments or type of care facilities. In smaller facilities, they manage the day-to-day functions of all departments. Healthcare management professional ensure that medical centers operate effectively and offer sufficient medical care to patients. They act as contact between guiding boards, medical team, and department heads and incorporate the activities of all divisions so as to bridge the communication gaps and thus maintain coordination between departments. Healthcare management professionals may be trained physicians, nurses, interns. Apart from a working technical knowledge healthcare management professional also need have business management skills e.g., budgeting and pricing of healthcare services, etc.

Job Opportunities in Healthcare Management

The significance of health care can never decrease and the number of institutes offering health care is only rising. There are lots of health care institutes that need healthcare management professionals.

The increasing need of high professionalism would only raise the significance of hospital management courses through out the globe. Along with the government institutions, numerous private hospitals are these days competing with one another to offer high quality healthcare services to the public throughout the world. In this regard, the demand of healthcare management professionals is increasing tremendously.

Demand and Supply

The concept of healthcare has gone through an incredible change in last few decades. Individuals have become progressively informed of the significance of healthcare and this has lead to greater expectations and an enhanced requirement for a high quality of medical care and facilities.

A huge number of private medical centers and clinics have come up all over the world. With growing focus on quality of health care and patient fulfilment, there is an outstanding requirement for individuals with a professional training in hospital management.

Skills required to Grab Job in Healthcare Management

  • For a career in healthcare management, you should have some special qualities like as an innovative approach, responsibility, self motivation and selfless commitment towards humanity.
  • As healthcare management professionals are liable for employees and very highly-priced equipment and facilities, you must be capable to make effective judgements, understand data and understand information systems and finance.
  • Bachelor Degree with additional training in healthcare management.
  • Since you will be working in a public relations environment all the time you should have good communication skills.

Who will hire Healthcare Management Professionals?

  • Government and private hospitals
  • National and international healthcare companies
  • Health insurance companies
  • Health agencies, laboratories and clinics
  • Healthcare centers and nursing homes
  • Medical colleges and institutions
  • Rehabilitation centers

Pay Scale for Entry Level Job in Healthcare Management

Country Name Salary/Per Annum Currency
U.S. 60-90k USD
Australia 50-80k AUD
Europe 50-80k Euro
Singapore 50-80k SD
India 250-320k INR
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