Clinical Research

Career Opportunities in Clinical Research Industry

Clinical Research industry forms the vital bridge between the Healthcare, Life Science and Pharmaceutical Industry which address never ending need for development of safe and efficacious medicines, devices, diagnostic products and services designed for people’s wellbeing. The US $85 billion Clinical Research industry is one of the growing industries in present dynamic market. Developed countries like US, Canada and some European countries provide major contribution to this industry. In emerging markets like India clinical research industry is increasing at the rate of 20% per annum. As the industry grows, job opportunities also increase simultaneously.

What Clinical Research Organisations do?

Clinical research is the scientific and ethical study to evaluate benefits, challenges, effectiveness and effects of a medicinal product in humans. These studies are conducted to get approval from regulatory bodies US FDA, MHRA, TGA etc and this approval is necessary to market medicinal product. These studies are performed at different phases and also trials are carried on even after marketing the product to keep track of safety and side effects while in large-scale use. Clinical studies are performed by pharmaceutical organizations or contract research organisations (CRO’s) on their behalf.

Who are eligible for this rapid growing industry?

A life science degree is compulsory to get into this industry. Preferably Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical organisations are looking for people from pharmacy, medicine, life science background. Additional diploma in clinical research or certification in clinical research will be an added advantage for individuals who are willing to join this industry. This gives the add-on skills needed to make a quick entry into the industry and provides the industry specific knowledge which is usually not a part of conventional college or university based degrees.

Which companies offer clinical research services?

More than 3000 companies’ worldwide offering clinical research services .Some small or medium size industries offer limited services like preclinical and phase I trials where some other companies offer complete entire clinical research services. Some of the major players in clinical research industry are listed below.

  • Parexel International
  • Icon
  • Quintiles
  • Bristol Myer Squib
  • INC Research
  • Pfizer
  • Eli Lilly & Company
  • Novartis
  • Novo Nordisk
  • GSK

Opportunities in Clinical research industry

Clinical Research industry has different positions at the entry level, the very common entry level position is Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

A clinical research associate (CRA) runs clinical studies to analyze drugs for their effectiveness, challenges and advantages to make sure they are safe to permit on to the market. They may work on new as well as previously approved drugs and are commonly employed by either a pharmaceutical organization or a contract research organisation (CRO) which works on behalf of pharmaceutical companies.

Pay scale in different countries/Entry level

Country  Name Salary/Per Annum Currency
Australia 80k AUD
Europe 60k Euro
India 240k INR

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)

The clinical research coordinator is a professional responsible for conducting clinical trails under the guidance of Principle Investigator and also responsible Coordinate and get involved in a wide range of complex activities engaged in the collection, compilation, documentation and evaluation of clinical research data.

Pay scale in different countries/ Entry level

Country  Name Salary/Per Annum Currency
USA 50-60k USD
Australia 70k AUD
Europe 55-65k Euro
India 190k INR

Pharmacovigilance Associate / Safety Associate / Safety Reviewer

Pharmacovigilance is the approach of obtaining, monitoring, researching, evaluating and assessing data from healthcare providers and consumers on the adverse effects of drugs to make sure that medication on the market are safe for individuals and to recognize new hazards related with the drugs.

PV professional job responsibilities mainly involves the evaluation and processing of adverse events obtained from healthcare providers and patients within the country or through out the world and the submission of these data to the regulatory authorities, which in turn assists to recognize any potential hazards for the patient.

 Pay scale in different countries/ Entry level

Country  Name Salary/Per Annum Currency
Australia 90k AUD
Europe 70k Euro
India 250-360k INR

Medical writer (Entry level)

The word “medical writing” involves different types of work. Pharmaceutical organizations, medical-device producers, and clinical-research organizations (CROs) all hire writers to prepare regulatory documents used to seek regulatory authorities’ approval for medicines and devices. Medical writers assist physicians write research articles, monographs, and testimonials on medical topics. Continuing medical education (CME) organizations employ medical writers to generate educational materials and slide kits that physicians and nurses use to prepare for license renewals.

Pay scale in different countries/ Entry level

Country  Name Salary/Per Annum Currency
Australia 85k AUD
Europe 70k Euro
India 180-360k INR

Where to Study?

Some of the institutions offering online and class room clinical research programmes

1) Clinical Research Society (CRS) is a registered non profit organisation offering wide range of online clinical research Training and Certification Programmes.

2) NIH Clinical Center offering Clinical Research programmes for Graduates and PhD students.

3) Clinical Research Institute of America is Florida based clinical research institute and it was established to fulfil the requirements for quality, unbiased education in the areas of Clinical Research.

4) James Lind Institute is accredited by Accreditation Council for Clinical Research Education (ACCRE) USA & International Association for Distance Learning (IADL) and also certified by the ISO standards that offers a wide range of online clinical research programs.

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