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Career Opportunities for Dentists in Singapore

Dentists are healthcare experts who specialize in the identification, prevention, and treatment of conditions and diseases of the oral cavity. They are also known as dental surgeons.

In order to explore career opportunities in Singapore as a dentist one needs to have a dental degree which is approved by the Singapore Dental Council along with a job offer from any dental hospital / clinic in Singapore.

In addition to the education and licensure requirements, a dentist needs good interpersonal skills, strong critical thinking and decision making skills to succeed in their occupation.

Dentists in Singapore can also explore massive career opportunities in clinical research, pharmacovigilance, medical writing and many other fields related to pharmaceutical research & development. Even foreign trained dentists who are in Singapore and are not licensed to practice dentistry can explore these career opportunities.

Careers in Clinical Research

Clinical research is currently carried out throughout the globe and it is one of the fastest growing areas that help us obtain the latest medical treatments. If you are looking for a career in clinical research it is recommended that you obtain some training in this area such as a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Research or any certificate from a reputed institute. These programs introduce you to the world of drug development, pharmaceutical R & D, research methodologies etc. and will help you get into this sector easily.

Singapore offers excellent career opportunities in the area of biomedical research with most multinational pharmaceutical companies having offices and research facilities here.

Careers in Medical Writing

Working as a medical writer is another good option for dentists who are looking for an alternative career related to the healthcare industry. Medical writing is a very promising field and offers an exciting career. It mainly involves writing on topics related to biomedical research, regulatory affairs, medical news, marketing material etc. It mainly involves creating scientific and medical documents such as study reports, study protocols etc. Medical writers can find employment with contract research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, medical communication companies, media houses, healthcare websites and other healthcare companies.

Medical writers need excellent communication skills, good writing skills, critical thinking skills, accuracy, and ability to communicate complex topics in a simplified manner.

Again, Singapore offers good opportunities for medical writers. Many companies in Singapore are hiring medical / scientific writers and offering good pay packages. To work as a medical writer it is recommended that you obtain a Professional Diploma in Medical Writing or any other program that trains you in medical writing.

Career in Drug Safety

Pharmacovigilance, which is roughly about the identification, detection, assessment, and prevention of side effects of medicines has enormous career opportunities in Singapore for dentists. In order to explore career opportunities in this field one needs to primarily have a life science / medical background with proper training in clinical research and pharmacovigilance. Most companies prefer trained people to match the drug safety profile. Acquiring a Diploma, P.G Diploma or a Certificate in pharmacovigilance from any reputed institute provides vast career opportunities for freshers as well as working professionals.

Apart from clinical research, medical writing & pharmacovigilance explained above, dentists in Singapore can also explore good career opportunities in the field of public health research where he/ she will have an opportunity to make a significant contribution in improving the health of the communities. Dentists can work in public health departments, research institutions, hospitals, NGO’s etc.

We wish you all the best!

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