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Career in Pharmaceutical Medicine for Physicians

What is Pharmaceutical Medicine

Pharmaceutical medicine mainly deals with discovery, evaluating, development, supervising, registration and medical aspects of marketing of medicines. Individual who work in this area may work with pharmaceutical companies, research companies or medical regulatory authorities.

Main objectives of pharmaceutical medicine are conducting clinical trials to know the safety and efficacy profile of drugs, translation of clinical study into novel medicine, protecting safety and well being of the clinical trial participants and continuous monitoring of marketed drugs for adverse drug reactions.

Along with expertise in the drug development, pharmaceutical medicine physicians need in depth knowledge of health economics, epidemiology and evidence based medicine and ethics in drug development. Pharmaceutical medicine as a specialty is the key to developing evidence based medicine in relation to drugs and therapeutics.

Pharmaceutical physicians work within a team environment and on one or more pharmaceutical products at a time. The team is accountable for the progression of clinical trials and assessment of benefits and risks of the compound(s) they are doing work on.

Working Culture in Pharmaceutical Medicine

An average working day will usually involve attending meeting with industry professional, learning new things and sharing knowledge with team members and plenty of interaction with co-workers. The actual role and responsibility of the pharmaceutical physician may vary dependent on experience and their position in the job. Activities can vary from clinical studies to managing of the media or giving different inputs for different R&D projects.

The advantage in this area is that most pharmaceutical physicians adhere to regular office hours. Since there is hardly ever any on-call duty and professional working in pharmaceutical medicine need not to worry about working in night shifts.

Pharmaceutical medicine is good opportunity for those who want to work in medicine outside of patient care. You need to work with a team of professionals who come from various backgrounds. This provides you the chance to obtain different insights from professionals from various fields and communicate with a wide range of professionals. This area also enables you to explore areas like business management and can assist you develop leadership skills. A job in the pharmaceutical sector is challenging and interesting and there is always opportunity to grow.

Essential Skills Required to Succeed

If you have made the decision to get into this challenging field, it is essential to check if you have the skills to be capable to manage a career in this challenging industry. Some of the very essential skills you need consist of comprehensive clinical understanding and clinical judgement, knowledge of acute and chronic clinical management and care, ability to work within a team environment and good communication skills. On the other hand, you should have a primary understanding of the principles of clinical research, drug discovery and formulation and ethics in drug development.

Career Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Medicine

The Pharmaceutical industry is one of the growing industry and it is going at a steady growth rate, according industry experts 2014 Pharmaceutical sales crossed USD 1 trillion and this booming industry always look for qualified and talented professionals. As a pharmaceutical physician, one of the most interesting choices is that of working in the R&D sector of pharmaceutical firms, where the concentrate is on the developing of new medicines. These tasks are usually well financed and they give the professional the opportunity to perform comprehensive research.

If you want to work more related to academic area you can choose to educate specialized programs in colleges and universities or educate company professionals, clinical research investigators, clinical research teams and other experts in various capacities.

With massive progress being made consistently in science and medicine field, it is essential for professionals those in pharmaceutical medicine to stay informed with the new drugs and medical developments. This consists of taking part in research projects to understand new creations better. Since this is an extremely competitive field, it is important to work hard and stay ahead of the competitors.

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