Sexual and Reproductive health services

Sexual And Reproductive Health Services (SRHS) For Adolescents

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Sexual and reproductive health services

Adolescence is a stage of vulnerabilities enveloped with changes both physically and mentally. Major percentage of community population are adolescent thus it is crucial that knowledge and awareness of sexual and reproductive health problems and services is not just a form of education but a necessity for survival.  As they are faced with challenges of unhealthy sexual pattern such as […]

Scientific Writing

Scientific writing and It’s Importance in Healthcare Industries!

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Scientific writing Course

What is Scientific Writing? Scientific writing or Medical writing is associated with various types like writing clinical trial/research protocols, clinical study reports, aggregate safety reports, journal manuscripts, content for healthcare websites, healthcare blogs, pharmaceutical promotional documents like ‘leave behind literature’ (LBLs) and many more. Even though it may sound overwhelming but this form of writing does need an aptitude or […]

sustainable development goals

A review of maternal and child health sustainable development goals

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sustainable development goals Good Health and Well Being

Health is the core indicator of sustainable development. Affordability, universality and quality are the key attributes of any healthcare system. Poor health effects all-round growth of the nation by limiting economic opportunities thus leading to poverty within communities. In addition, lack of proper access to healthcare continues to remain the major challenge of the healthcare systems. Especially, women across the world […]

Medical & Scientific Writing

Tips for Becoming a Medical Writer

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Tips for becoming medical writer

Before you consider medical writing as a career, it is important to know the facts about what it takes to achieve this goal. A medical writer is an individual who writes, edits, and develops different documents regarding health and medicine and within allied domains like clinical research, pharmacovigilance medico-marketing, pharmacoepidemiology, etc. Medical writers are responsible for communicating clinical and scientific […]

Healthcare Management

Health Management Courses for Dentists

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Health Management Courses for Dentists - James Lind Institute

Health Management career Health Management is a vital function in the healthcare system that has exciting career opportunities. Health Management professionals manage hospital and healthcare organizations and need to have the knowledge to understand changes in healthcare laws, regulations and technology and are responsible for overseeing all operations in Finance, Marketing and Human resource department within the healthcare system. Healthcare […]


Pharmacovigilance (Drug safety) careers for Toxicologists

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Toxicology is the scientific study of adverse effects that occur in living organisms due to chemicals or biologics. It involves observing and reporting symptoms, mechanisms, detection and treatments of toxic substances, in particular relation to the poisoning of humans. It includes environmental agents and chemical compounds found in nature, as well as pharmaceutical compounds that are synthesized for medical use […]


Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs) Reporting by NABH accredited Hospitals as Part of Pharmacovigilance Programme of India

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An adverse drug reaction (ADR) is an unwanted or harmful reaction experienced following the use of a drug/biologic/medical device/therapy or their combination under normal conditions of use and is suspected to be directly or indirectly related. An ADR will usually require the drug to be discontinued or the dose reduced. Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) have been reported to be among […]