Public Health Leadership

Certification in Public health Leadership and Research

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Public Health Leadership and Research

Infectious diseases and epidemic forms of non-communicable diseases is a continuous threat to the public health system and resources.These challenges are compounded by limited human resources and lack of leadership. Public health Leadership and Research Major challenges such as scarcity of local data or evidence, limited health financing, heterogeneity in management approaches that access healthcare delivery and changing demographics affecting […]

Clinical trail

Clinical Trials for Medical Devices

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Clinical Trails Medical Devices

The manufacturers requirement to conduct clinical trial and collect data on the usage of the devices is important in areas of pharmacovigilance and market surveillance. Medical device database contains all clinical information on the lifecycle and use of the product. Medical devices Medical device is an apparatus, instrument or machine used for the purpose of measuring, detecting or predicting, restoring […]

Public Health Leadership

Leadership in Public health Practice

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Leadership In Public Health Practice

Widespread acceptance of public health practices in understanding ecological model of health; clinical advances in managing health; recognising factors impacting behavioural health; management and biomedical technological advances are becoming popular. Public health is emerging as a trans-disciplinary field that integrates public health concepts and functions with effective delivery of healthcare services for the future. Public health Practice Public Health discipline […]

Public Health Management

Public Health Management and Policy

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Public health Management and policy

Public health plans and strategies define vision and policy directions of a country towards ensuring the population health. The dynamic process of developing Public Health strategies, policies and plans is complex but essential. Public Health Management and Policy systems are required to be cost-effective to increase health access and equity.

Healthcare Risk Management

What is Risk Management in Public Health?

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Risk Management In Public Health

Various areas of infrastructure, energy, retail or wholesale supply chains, airport security, hospitals, housing societies effectively manage risks. Diverse type of roles are undertaken by risk professionals in business continuity, corporate governance, insurance, health and safety, engineering and financial services. Qualified, skilled and experienced risk management professionals are able to move easily between different sectors within countries worldwide.

Medical Writing

Career in Pharmacovigilance and Medical Writing

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Career In Pharmacovigilance medical writing

Pharmacovigilance medical writing is providing new job opportunities to personnel with skills in pharmacovigilance, data presentation and medical/scientific writing. The scientific or medical information delivered in this field embraces several disciplines that are service oriented for clinical research and market authorisation.


Industrial Agriculture and Environmental Impacts

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Industrial Agriculture and environmental impacts

Industrial farming yield a relatively small amount of food like fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products but produce staggering quantities of greenhouse gases and wastes that pollute air, water and soil. This contributes to climate change, biodiversity loss, coral reef degeneration, land and water degradation, acid rain and deforestation.