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Asia : One of the Leading Destination to Perform Clinical Trials

Asia now become the one of the leading destinations for carry out clinical trials and with service providers growing, with increased clinical research activities Asia become alternative to developed regions such as Latin America and Eastern Europe to carry out clinical trial activities.Asia now becomes alternative to developed regions such as Eastern Europe or Latin America to perform clinical trials.

Why Asia is one of the fastest growing clinical trial market:

  • More than 60% of world population is living in Asia region.
  • Regulations that obey with International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) guidelines.
  • Western healthcare education program and medical practice that fulfils global requirements.
  • Asia region providing incredible market potential.
  • There is an increasing educated middle class fascinated towards health care sector.
  • Growing pool of skilled human resources.

As economic wealth effects on the way individuals live, serious and life taking diseases like as diabetes and cardiovascular disease are starting to impact more of the people in Asia. These things, collectively with individuals’ increasing capability to spend more on health have all aided to grow Pharmaceutical R&D and Clinical Research Development in Asia.  High population density in metropolitan regions,  Along with huge hospital facilities, allows the sponsors and investigators to register subjects for their trials more economically while maintaining research timelines on target.

Challenges and Difficulties to Conduct Clinical Trials in Asia

With the introduction of far more Clinical Research Organisations throughout many nations in Asia and enrolment and maintenance of research subjects is usually the very challenging task in Asia region. Causes include:

 • Only about 40 percent of sufferers in Asian nations reside in metropolitan regions with sites that assist clinical study.

• Lack of awareness in clinical trial registration.

• Aging people that take medicines for multiple serious problems, making them ineligible for most study protocols.

Besides enrolment in clinical trials, regulatory structure can be a obstacle in Asia. Compared with North America or the European Union, Asia presently does not have a combined regulatory authority and guidelines vary for each nation in the Asia. One more main obstacle is new drug enrolment rules in some nations  that need a local people to be involved in a clinical trial if a sponsor finally wants to obtain approval to market their product.

Main Destination to Perform Clinical Trials in Asia

  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • China
  • India
  • Japan

Clinical Research Industry in Singapore

Small country Singapore has attracted many Pharmaceutical and CROs to conduct R&D projects and clinical research activities  from several years by providing motivation programs and protecting IP rights of the companies. As an outcome, there are more than 40 CROs and pharmaceutical organizations that manage local clinical study programs from Singapore. A powerful financial state has also allowed the govt authorities to invest  billions Singapore Dollars in R&D. The Singapore’s superior regulatory structure and qualified workforce help the sponsors and investigators to perform and finish clinical operations in specific time.

List of Clinical trials conducted in Singapore

List of Clinical trials conducted in Singapore

Clinical Research Industry in South Korea

The nation has turn out to be a major clinical development centre in Asia, aided by a govt focus on health care. One example of such assistance is the Korea National Enterprise for Clinical Trials (KoNECT), which was established in 2007 to increase the clinical research industry, human resources and core technological innovation in clinical research. KoNECT has been active in developing joint ventures with sector largest companies like as ICON and INC to advance requirements and develop highquality worldwide clinical trial facilities. The Korea Drug Development Fund was founded in 2011 with investments of US$1 billion to develop more than 10 new medicines by 2019. The Fund has selected PAREXEL as the initial CRO to assist Korean organizations develop and commercialize medical products for the international market.

Clinical Research Industry in China

Considerable development has been created in China in enabling more clinical trials to be performed. The attraction continues to be the large, treatment-naive people who represent various ethnic categories and cost effective atmosphere. Every main research institution has a existence. The CRO market is predicted to increase to US$850 million by 2015. Chinese authorities plan to commit US$1.5 billion in new drugs development. More than 400 Investigation sites are approved by regulatory bodies.

Clinical Research Industry in India

India has not yet experienced the same attraction as China and the clinical research industry has not grown as fast. However, the number of clinical studies is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 18.4% to arrive at more than 1,200 clinical trials in 2016. The nation’s main attractions are its cost effective-environment, a society with a huge patient pool and a wide range of diseases, and the growing occurrence of life threatening diseases as a result demand for clinical trials increased. Obstacles include the nation’s changing regulatory system, which has lead to irregular cycles of long approval times. Issues over quality and data credibility, and constant ethical issues because of the number of unlawful clinical trials, are also serious challenges that affect the Indian clinical research sector.

Clinical Research Industry in Japan

Many organizations have observed a shift in Japan, which till previous years had been mostly closed to external research, as the govt authorities, has identified the market’s potential and taken actions to attract global clinical studies to the Japan. The number of research conducted in Japan while in the recent five years enhanced more than 10%.

Many organizations have started to increase clinical trial activities in Japan. Recently, INC Research started out new offices in Osaka and Tokyo to develop its existence in the Japan. InVentiv Health founded a strategic partnership with Japanese CRO Bell Medical Solutions to build their existence in Japan market. All government and private organisation’s initiatives making Japan one of the best place to perform clinical trials in Asia.

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