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Public Health Courses

public health

Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women. — Michelle Obama

Public Health Courses: Public Health, a modern concept of science in human development, refers to all public and private health measures that are organized to aid in disease prevention and health promotion so as to increase life among the existing population as a whole. Public health activities mainly aim at conditioning people to be healthy and focus on greater populations and not on the aspect of individual disease prevention. Public health is a branch of science that protects and improves the health of the many communities by providing education and encouraging healthy living. It helps to re-search the disease and avoid injury. Many public health professionals analyze the effects of health in genetics and its environment; therefore it aims to develop health programs to ensure the well-being of a family and community. This public health system not only eradicates a particular disease, but has three major functions:

  • To frequently assess the community health and monitor populations that are at risk of certain health issues.
  • To formulate policies of public health in such a way so as to help solve local and national health issues and to bring in a sense of prioritization.
  • To ensure that each population as a community or nation has access to suitable healthcare at a reasonable cost which includes promoting health and prevention services for various maladies.

Public health professionals help to eradicate or control health problems at a societal level by means of educational programs initiatives, policy development, regulation of health systems, administering services and conducting research. This is in contrast to research conducted by medical professionals such as nurses or doctors as they primarily only focus on the treatment of individuals after they fall sick or get injured. Public health is a field in science that pertains to restrict health disparities and a huge part of public health claims to fight for health care equity, equality and accessibility. This human development field is mostly varied in its structure and function and is encompassed by many disciplines academically. In general, public health can be thought of to be comprised of areas such as; Biostatistics, Environmental Health, Health Services Management & Administration, Epidemiology, Global Health, Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition, etc. Developing countries such as those in the African continent are struggling to meet the healthcare needs of their population and thus effective public health policies play a crucial role their development and progress.

And I believe that the best buy in public health today must be a combination of regular physical exercise and a healthy diet. – Julie Bishop 

James Lind Institute offers the following program in Public Health:

Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health Research

Duration: 6 to 8 Months

Mode of Study: Online

Admissions: Open

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