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Nutrition Leadership and Nutrition Programs Management

Nutritional Leadership

The Nutrition Leadership & Nutrition Programs Management is a leadership and networking-based program that focuses on enhancing an individual’s abilities to become a skilled professional and a leader in the field of human nutrition. The Nutrition Leadership Program provides complete understanding of qualities of leaders, skills required to develop efficient teams, effective communication and transformational leadership in a wider perspective.

Goals of Nutrition Leadership and Nutrition Programs Management Program:

1. To ensure all nutrition professionals have through knowledge and are up-to-date with latest ideas on nutrition and how they are implemented.

2. Providing nutrition professionals’ non-traditional skills in areas like leadership, influencing, and motivating others to work efficiently across sectors.

Why a Nutrition Program is required in Africa?

Large populations living in the African region suffer from different nutrition-related disorders ranging from low-energy consumption and micronutrients that are insufficient to over-nutrition. The progression of non- communicable diseases further contributes to nutrition related issues faced by Africa. Many of the nutrition related problems can be treated or prevented with proper nutrition management. Effective nutritional treatment and prevention requires health care professionals who are properly trained.

Career opportunities

The WHO and other organizations are pumping in millions of dollars in aid to help Africa cope up with the nutrition related illnesses. The governments are also getting actively involved in rolling out programs to address this issue. This has resulted in the creation of many jobs and career opportunities in the field of nutrition. The Nutrition Leadership and Nutrition Programs Management program was designed to equip young nutritional scientists and related professionals with leadership skills and a broad perspective of nutrition.

The program provides participants with certain strategies to help them improve their skills that lead to fruitful employment in the field of nutrition, such as:

1. Identify and reinforce professional and personal characteristics of leaders

2. Encourage appropriate professional and personal goals

3. Provide peer-networks and well established connections of professionals in the nutrition field