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HIV Prevention and Management Program

HIV Certificate Course Africa

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a common disease of the immune system in humans. The disease is highly prevalent in all major African countries although the number of cases are reducing by the day. HIV is a highly intelligent virus, capable of adapting itself to the host body and has affected and has killed millions of people worldwide. AIDS has brought about an awakening movement for the global population and has triggered an array of research that is still in its development stage. Prevention of HIV dwells hand in hand with the management of this disease. One of the basic reasons of high infection rates in Africa is the multiple African traditions and cultural beliefs that seek risky sexual practices and thus run the risk of being exposed to HIV. One recent study in Tanzania, talks about the “peer pressures” that lead men to having multiple sexual partners. Those with many sexual partners and are termed either as “mshua” (the connoisseur) or “kichwa kikali” (the gifted), while on the other hand, men that limit themselves to just one partner are termed “domo zenge” (slow to move).

HIV/ AIDS bring about an incessant necessity to approach this disease from every aspect. It is genuinely important to note that condoms are a stance of prevention of HIV in Africa however they do not suffice the avoidance of HIV infection. In most similar ways, education campaigns that are well initiated will not suffice at all. Prevention of HIV/ AIDS must have a multi-centric approach that can help avoid the disease in all possible ways depending on the magnitude of the prevalence of the disease and also on the circumstances of the people of who are infected. The many researchers at Imperial College London are in the process of testing measures that help prevent HIV in South Africa and Zambia. The study involves assessment of house to house HIV testing and appropriate early treatment of HIV infection, along with several HIV prevention measures such as promotion of medical circumcision to men who are not infected with HIV, promotion of healthy steps to avoid HIV transmission from mother to child, referring individuals to treatments with other sexually transmitted infections and mainly provision of condoms, that contributes to greatly reduce the number of people with HIV infection across the many communities in Africa.

We start and stop with, KNOW AIDS, NO AIDS.