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About JLI Africa


James Lind Institute (JLI) is an accredited, ISO certified, internationally known training institute operating in Singapore, India and other countries such as US, Canada, Belgium, Saudi Arabia etc.

Over the years James Lind Institute has earned global recognition for providing high quality training programs in areas such as clinical trials, healthcare, medical journalism and other fast emerging fields such as translational and pharmaceutical medicine. Recently, James Lind Institute received the Education Excellence Award for being the ‘Best Institute for Online Clinical Research Courses’.

The lack of high quality training providers and expensive education in general are common knowledge about Africa. To make healthcare education more accessible to students from Africa, James Lind Institute has made sincere efforts which resulted in the formation of an Africa specific body of the James Lind Institute.

What is JLI Africa?

JLI is currently taking many regional initiatives based on geographic locations around the globe that help alumni and current students to remain in close contact, regardless of their own location.

James Lind Institute’s Africa initiative allows students from the African region to network via the Alumni & Current Student Network (ACSN) and better understand the career opportunities that lie ahead for them.

The objective of this initiative is to increase motivation, promote mutually helpful relationships among alumni and current students; and increase awareness of the Institute in the region. It is expected to carry out its functions in a manner consistent with the goals and mission of the James Lind Institute and is all set to improve the academic experience of all students from the region.

Membership of JLI Africa is free for JLI students from this region.

Benefits of JLI Africa:

The ACSN offers distinctive opportunities for alumni interaction and motivates them to connect with peers and current or prospective students around the world. Following are some benefits:

Enhanced Value: By your leadership and initiatives in getting together with the alumni, current JLI students, and friends, James Lind Institute will achieve more visibility in local communities. JLI will be viewed by communities as an excellent academic body that produces active, involved and skilled professionals.

Volunteer Recognition: By your leadership within the ACS Network, you will be acknowledged as a key volunteer and ambassador of the Institute in your country / region.

Networking: As a key volunteer of the Institute, you will get chances to build connections with new friends and professional acquaintances. You can also use the network to look for new career opportunities in your region.


Regional coordinators can be contacted here:


Dr. Charles Sigei
Hurlingham, Argwiks Kodhek Road
UNIPEN Aptmt, Block A,
Suit 10. P.O. Box 19394-00202,
Nairobi, Kenya
P: +254-732-300719
E: info@jli.edu.in

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