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JLI students are working with fortune 500 companies like Pfizer, Novartis & more


We acknowledge how important it is for you to meet your career goals and to make the most out of a program that you choose to pursue. We take your placement assistance seriously and provide you with all the resources that you need to succeed. Resume building, providing you with interview preparation material, conduct of mock interview sessions, access to job portal and mentor are some examples.

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At JLI we have created a dedicated Student Success Team to help our students with placements and to help them achieve their professional goals. The Student Success Team is a team of experienced clinical research and healthcare industry professionals at James Lind Institute (JLI) who assist students to compete more successfully in studies, employment and in the community at large. This dedicated team uses its industry contacts and effective problem solving approach to help students achieve their predefined goals. The Student Success Team works closely with the JLI faculty, staff, academics department and applicable industry professionals to help students in accordance with their long term career goals and aspirations. The Student Success Team increases the applicability of all new initiatives at JLI and effectively channelizes the efforts of enrolled students and guides them for better job placements and career prospects.


We at James Lind Institute strive to empower our students with the extensive knowledge of the real work and enhance the acceptance of students in the industry. Throughout the continuous training sessions that are carried out at JLI and later on as alumni, our "Student Success Team" endeavors to provide career development guidance and supervision. The SST educates students about job search techniques, networking strategies, interviewing skills and also provides a full personality development strategy. We highly recommend our students to keep their personalized web pages updated as it projects them in front of the prospective employers. The "Student Success Team" endeavors to well maintain all student profiles and continuously forwards these web links directly to prospective employers and indirectly through placement consultancies.


In addition to having experience in teaching, many trainers at the James Lind Institute have carved a niche position for themselves in entrepreneurship, writing and consulting for fortune 500 companies across the globe. These professionals make JLI a special place in the academic domain where talent and industry come together for mutual benefits.


JLI is committed to ongoing career development of its students even after the completion of their programs. To keep our students well informed about the latest updates in clinical research and healthcare, the Student Success Team always stays in touch with the alumni and is available to mentor / guide them.


The students can get in touch with the Student Success Team (SST) via the SST Coordinator who is the one point of contact for all students. Students are introduced to their mentor who is usually also a part of the SST in the first week of their enrollment. The mentor provides students personalized support and guidance. Enrolled students can get in touch with the SST coordinator at sst@jli.edu.in


Courses at JLI are delivered via a state of the art learning management system (e-Campus) wherein students attend lectures, read reference books and articles, appear for tests and submit assignments. It also has an “Online Campus Tutoring Center” where in students get in contact with the faculty and fellow students. Journal clubs are also held at regular intervals at the tutoring center.

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