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At JLI, we have developed a remarkably ideal setting for knowledge sharing and training via our user friendly, technologically advanced e-campus. As an online student you will spend time listening to audio visual presentations, podcasts, watching videos, reading interactive documents, discussing various topics with the faculty and peers in discussion forums, working on assignments and tests.

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Our objective resides in constructive shaping of our students’ careers. We strive to make available the highest quality education to our students. Our training methodology and approach is to work closely with each student, identify their specific gaps in learning, and tailor an effective one-on-one teaching solution accordingly. We appreciate the ambitions and learning capabilities of students and celebrate the differences that they share.

We strongly believe that every student possesses innate strengths and potentials that are exceptional in their own unique way and our endeavor to bring the best out of them. Educating students, individual by individual has been our priority. We ensure that each student is given respect, support, and individualized attention that they truly deserve. Our dedicated faculty provide students all possible opportunities to acquire hands-on approach towards learning, which benefits them in the long run.

At JLI, we empower our students with academic knowledge along with a sense of self-improvement. Our vision for the development of our students is to provide them with the appropriate learning environment that can enlighten them with knowledge and expose them to challenges awaiting them in professional life.

We accomplish this motive by bringing our training programs closer to students worldwide using the most powerful prevailing resource, the internet !

Recent internet usage statistics from the Internet World Stats reveals that the number of internet users globally is 2,267,233,742, and the penetration rate is 32.7%. This penetration percentage and number of users are growing exponentially. We, at JLI harness the potential of internet to the fullest for providing a technology driven, state-of-the-art yet user friendly, online learning environment for our students.

JLI believes in providing its students a modern learning environment, that can make them confident to embrace the challenges of the global clinical research and healthcare industry. In line with our vision to bring our students in an interface with the industry, several extensively experienced professionals from the industry act as mentors to JLI students. Mentorship involves providing advice on numerous aspects of self-development, training and career planning.

All our training programs have been developed, assessed and endorsed by key opinion leaders in the clinical research and healthcare industry.

We persuade and encourage our students to take part in our instructor-led discussions in our Online Campus Tutoring Center (OCTC) which is designed for effective knowledge sharing between the students and the faculty.





Courses at JLI are delivered via a state of the art learning management system (e-Campus) wherein students attend lectures, read reference books and articles, appear for tests and submit assignments. It also has an “Online Campus Tutoring Center” where in students get in contact with the faculty and fellow students. Journal clubs are also held at regular intervals at the tutoring center.

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